8 months ago

This short guide (and linked decks) is intended to be of some assistance to you guys that are taking your very first steps in the Kards journey. Here is a suggestion of a fun and efficient way to start building your card collection whilst trying out all of the main playable nations and start dabbling with deck building by adjusting the starter decks.

So for the purpose of this guide and to start exploring the starter decks and how they can be improved, we are assuming that you guys play each of the main nations to level 10 in the National Experience system (of course you can also just pick one or two you like the most).

Each of the first 7 levels give specific cards as rewards and the next 3 levels, 8-10 give wildcards (2 x Standard and 1 x Limited) and then a national pack. So just by picking and adding some of the specific cards, removing less useful ones and creating a few new ones with wildcards, you should end up with a good base collection for all the main nations, as well as having decks that can be easily used to complete your daily missions (which as an important tool to earn gold and thereby progress further). The best part is that you will also have become familiar with some of the core cards, strengths and weaknesses of the main nations and you will be in a better position to decide where you want to take it from there.

Finally, while we are going through each of the starter decks, we will discuss and keep in mind some basic deck building concepts:

  1. Kredit Curve (Making sure to have a good mixture of cheap cards to play early in the game and more expensive ones for the later game).
  2. Removal (Including orders, countermeasures and unit abilities that destroy, deal direct damage to or otherwise negate dangerous enemy threats).
  3. Drawing Power/Card Advantage (More cards in hand and on the board, mean more options and more destructive power to unleash on an enemy with fewer cards).






Of course this is just the beginning, but we hope this is of some help to you guys who just started. Most importantly, have fun!