Allegiance: the first KARDS winter expansion

5 months ago

Expansion Details

Allegiance, our first expansion, arrives on December 10th!

This expansion introduces two new ally nations, adds 150 completely new cards and enhances KARDS with several new game mechanics.

The additional allies add new flavors, enable interesting new battlefield tactics and significantly increase the strategic depth of the game. Allegiance not only introduces two new ally nations but also reinforces the existing five nations with a considerable number of new cards.

New ally nations: France and Italy

With new abilities and keywords, the new ally nations let you explore and develop completely new strategies!

The French cards span the entire war effort with units from before the Fall of France through to the Free French Forces. With a strong Resistance theme, the French cards bring a new mechanic designed to disrupt enemy play and to disrupt your opponent’s hand.

The Italian forces are more aggressive as they are designed to seize the initiative by taking the frontline and overwhelming the enemy. Italian units benefit from operating together as they give buffs when played in unison.

Spoiler season and card reveals

As we are heading towards the release of Allegiance, we are revealing further info about the cards of the expansion set. Subscribe to our social media channels (Facebook,Twitter,YouTube) so you’ll never miss the latest reveals!

We’ll kick-off spoiler season right away! Let’s have a look at two new cards arriving with Allegiance:


British Order card of Elite rarity and costs 5 Kredits to play. When played, all enemy units receive one damage and get pinned. Additionally, your opponent loses one Kredit slot.

This card matches the general British theme of slowing down the opponent (pinning) and doing damage to multiple/all enemy forces on the battlefield.


Soviet infantry unit of Special rarity, that costs 3 Kredits to deploy and 1 Kredit to use on the battlefield. This unit has guard ability, and as a specialty, makes your HQ immune to damage on your enemy’s turn.

The 15th Motor Rifles fit well into the set of Soviet guard units that have strong defensive abilities but come up a little lacking on the offensive.