Hotfix for August Update

10 miesięcy temu

Hello everyone,

Following our latest patch, the August Update, we faced two significant challenges: certain particle effects causing crashes on some devices, and players on Android devices without a dedicated KARDS account losing access to their accounts.

We have now deployed a fix for the particle related crashing issues.

We have also deployed a fix for the issue causing Android players without dedicated KARDS accounts to lose access to their accounts. If you are one of the affected players, you should be able to access your account by opening the game client on your Android device.

If you’re still faced with a login screen, press “New Player” to create a new player - then restart your client and you should be connected to your original account.

Note that this fix currently only works if you have not yet completed the tutorial on your new account - if you have already logged in as a new user and completed the tutorial, please contact KARDS support for further assistance.

If the above fix hasn’t worked to connect your account, please contact us via a support ticket by submitting a request through the form here, or send an email to with details of your request, including your player name, approximate level, and any other details you may recall regarding your account, as this may speed up the recovery process.

These issues highlighted flaws in our release pipeline which we are working to rectify by reinforcing our processes and ensuring that every release has significantly more time allocated for testing before release. We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused many of our players and sincerely appreciate your understanding as we learn to navigate the increased requirements of our post-mobile development processes.

We would also like to thank the many players that helped us work through these issues by sharing their reports of the issues they experienced along with device details and other information. Every player's report has provided a piece of the puzzle which has been a huge help to tracking down the cause of the issues and fixing them.

That’s it for now. As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments below, or on the KARDS Discord.