KARDS World Championship 2020

over 2 years ago

KICKOFF announcement

Great news for all KARDS players and enthusiasts!

The qualification period for the KARDS World Championship 2020 starts this April and goes through the summer into early fall.
The finals will then be held again in Iceland this winter, bringing together the best players from all over the globe to decide the 2020 KARDS World Champion.

Read on and learn more about the qualification period and how to secure an early spot in the championship.

Qualifiers, Elimination Rounds, and the Finals

The previous KARDS World Championship 2019 and the Finals - held at the KARDS HQ here in Iceland - were a huge success. Building upon this success, we are going to keep a similar approach for the 2020 event with the Qualifier and Elimination rounds - but with several exciting tweaks such as a pre-qualification stage.

The KARDS World Championship 2020 has four main stages:

  1. Stage 1 - 6 seasons from April to September, during which 60 players will qualify for the tournament.
  2. Stage 2 - Everyone who hasn't qualified can fight for the remaining 64 spots of the tournament.
  3. Stage 3 - This is the elimination round which will see the 128-player tournament cut down to just the best of the best.
  4. Stage 4 - We will hold the Finals in Iceland.

The tournament has 128 spots:

  • 4 spots are reserved for the finalists of the KARDS World Championship 2019: Gearbot, GKZhukov, Fenrir, and Drogear
  • 60 spots are reserved for players from the pre-qualifiers
  • The remaining 64 spots will be filled with the winners of the elimination stage

The pre-qualification: Be on the safe side!

The pre-qualification stage kicks off this April and will run through summer until the end of September.

A successful pre-qualification guarantees a spot in the championship tournament and allows you to skip the elimination stage in order to avoid any risk of not making the cut.

An early pre-qualification is the safest way into the championship tournament.

Pre-qualification through the Officer Club

For the next six months, starting at the end of April, all of the top ten Officer Club players of each season will receive a guaranteed spot in the World Championship tournament.

Place in the top-10 of an Officer Club season from April to September and you are qualified for the KARDS World Championship Tournament!

We expect to have at least a few people reach a top-10 position in multiple seasons. This will open extra spots which will be distributed between the next best players.

As we progress through the seasons together, we will provide further details and relevant information. For now, we are very excited to kick-off the KARDS World Championship 2020!