KARDS Esports

The thrill of competition

About Kards Esports

KARDS Esports is a highly competitive and active community of players dedicated to becoming the best in the world. The ecosystem features regular tournaments and broadcasts featuring the game's top players pushing the strategies and tactics available to their limit.

The ecosystem consists of three primary tournament series, each serving a different type of player.

The Officer Club Championship is a monthly tournament between the highest rated players on the ladder in the previous month. The top 6 on the ladder are guaranteed into the quarter finals while the next 32 players duke it out in the play ins to make it to the top 8 and secure themselves a spot on the broadcast. Each OCC has a prize pool of 1000$. OCC winners also qualify for the top 128 of that years World Championship.

The KARDS Open are bi-monthly open tournaments anyone can enter. Each tournament has a prize pool of 1500$ and features two swiss qualifiers into a top 16 bracket with the semi finals and finals being broadcast with a full production. KARDS Open winners also qualify for the top 128 of that years World Championship.

The World Championship is a yearly 10.000$ tournament where we crown a World Champion. Competitors can qualify through ladder based qualifiers in the client before competing in a top 128 person double elimination bracket until we get down to the final 4 competitors. The top 4 fly to Iceland and play in a LAN environment in our very own WWII bunker set.

The Officer Club Championship

The Officer Club Championship is a monthly competition between the highest ranked players in the game. The top 38 players at the top of the in game ranked ladder each month qualify for a chance to take home a share of the monthly 1000$ prize pool.

  • The tournament is a 38 player tournament. All matches apart from the finals are best of 3 series while the finals are a best of 5 series.
  • The top 6 players on the in-game ladder are automatically qualified for the OCC Round of 8 Finals. The remaining 32 players will face off for the remaining 2 spots.
  • The qualification for the remaining two spots is done through two 16 person double elimination brackets, seeded based on ladder position.
  • Each player will bring 3 decks to the tournament with different main nations.
  • All of the action from the final 8 is broadcast on the KARDS Twitch Channel - here.
  • Catch all previous Officer Club Championship broadcasts on demand on our Youtube Channel - Here

The KARDS Open

The KARDS Open is a free to enter tournament open to all who are interested in giving it a go! The early stages of the tournament are meant to be new player friendly, while also allowing for healthy competition. 

  • To qualify for the top 16 of the KARDS Open, players can sign up and play in one or both of the qualifying Swiss tournament weekends. For this stage of the tournament players do not have to submit decklists or ban decks from their opponent, simply bring your best deck, test your metal and take your shot at competitive glory!
  • The top 8 players from each weekend qualify for the final 16.
  • In the final 16 players submit 4 decks and play a Single Elimination bracket with Bo3 series. This part of the tournament is open decklists and players field 3 out of their 4 decks and have 1 ban each all the way until 4 players remain. 
  • The top 4 break out their fourth deck and play a best of 5 series until we have a new KARDS Open champion.
  • The top 4 action is broadcast on the KARDS Twitch channel - Here
  • Catch all of the previous KARDS Open broadcasts on demand on our Youtube channel - Here

The World Championship

Each year we crown a new KARDS World Champion! This is our biggest celebration of the passion and competitive spirit of the KARDS community and as such we take it pretty seriously! The KARDS World Championship features LAN finals with the top 4 players at the top of the world in Iceland and a prize pool of 10.000$!

All players in the game can participate in the open qualifiers for the World Championship directly through the client. During certain qualification periods, a special queue is open to all players where they can earn points towards their World Championship qualification in an effort to earn their spot among the elite 128 players entering into stage 2 of the World Championship.

During the second stage of the tournament, the knockout stage, the top 128 players are randomly seeded into 16 groups of 8 players. There they play a single round robin of best of three series to determine the two players from each group that qualify for the top 32.

The top 32 players face off in a Double elimination bracket until we find the final 4 who will be flown for an all inclusive trip to Iceland to compete for the World Championship in KARDS on LAN.

Once in Iceland the top 4 players duke it out in a double elimination best of 5 grand finals bracket over 2 grueling days of competition before someone is crowned the new KARDS World Champion!