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The modern CCG meets classic wargaming

Kards is an exciting collectible card war-game full of strategy, tactics, action and fun! We at 1939 Games firmly believe that the WWII theme and the modern CCG are a match made in heaven, if fused together correctly. Kards is easy to learn, but hard to master. Battles are won by cunning, tactics, experience and strategy. Do you have what it takes?

Warfare on a
grand scale

Play as any of the major powers of WWII as well as many of the other involved nations. Build up your armies of iconic tanks, aircraft, infantry, artillery and more from all theaters and periods of the war. Give orders, use naval support, espionage, sabotage or focus on the most advanced technology. Use Blitzkrieg tactics, strategic bombing or dig in for bitter defensive warfare until you outproduce and outgun your enemies.

Authentic WWII Look, Feel & Gameplay

We at 1939 Games are hardcore card-gamers but we are also extreme WWII enthusiasts and passionate about making Kards look, feel and play exactly right. All the cards are beautifully illustrated and we strive to make the weapons and units behave as you would expect based on documentation, specifications and operational history. That being said, the most important part is having hours after hours of great fun.


Pioneers of Blitzkrieg

Crushing their enemies with Blitzkrieg tactics, hard pressing armored units and mechanized formations, the German Wehrmacht was at its best on the offensive. Battle of annihilation would be their favorite doctrine. That being said, it could prove to be very dangerous to underestimate the defensive capabilities of the German army. Compared to the Allies, Germany did not have a lot of ships but in the depths of the oceans roamed fearsome packs of wolves... ready to strike at the their prey.

United States

Outproduce, outgun and bring hell from the skies.

Although joining the war later than the other major powers, the USA had been preparing  their production lines and supporting their allies for years. Completely outproducing their Axis enemies, the Americans were eventually able to launch offensive operations of epic proportions in all theaters. High up in the skies glided their Flying Fortresses... and they weren't delivering the mail.

Soviet Union

The mighty Red Army

At the outbreak of war, although large on paper, the forces of the Soviet Union were badly equipped, trained and organized. This would change fast. Forged through fire and blood during the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army would soon become the mightiest war machine the world had ever seen.  What's more, with their seemingly endless manpower and access to natural resources, the Soviets could produce more tanks, guns and aircraft... than any of their enemies.  


Sunrise in the east

Completely underestimated by the Allies, the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy swept across South-Asia and the Pacific in a lightning war of their own.  Initially the Japanese had complete air superiority in the area and a fearsome navy which included the heaviest battleships ever constructed. When fighting a defensive war to protect the home island, the Japanese would dig in and fight a bitter fight to the very end. When that wasn't enough, driven by honor and loyalty, no sacrifice was considered too big.


Lords of the skies and the oceans

The vast empire was caught off guard when the war broke out, but adapted quickly to new types of warfare. With their formidable fleet, advanced aircraft and incredible stubbornness, the British forces never gave an inch without a fight. The British also had an ace up their sleeve when it came to the gathering of intelligence. For the Allies this would prove to be... one of the mightiest weapon of all.

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