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LEGIONS, the fourth major expansion for KARDS, introduces the Polish forces as its newest ally nation, expanding further on strategic and tactical options for the generals on the front line. LEGIONS introduces exiled Polish units and the Intel Mechanic inspired by the Polish intelligence community of the war. LEGIONS introduces 84 new playable cards for the five main nations and three ally nations, in addition to the LEGIONS unit that can be added to the fight. Poland enters the frontline with 20 playable cards and new strategic options.

Kards: The WW2 Card Game - Polish Ilyushin Il-2 - World War 2
Kards: The WW2 Card Game - Polish Ilyushin Il-2 - World War 2


With their homeland occupied, the Polish forces continue their fight in Exile. The Exile keyword is introduced in LEGIONS where an Exile unit can join its main factions' forces or its exiled nation as well. 

The Polish pilots that famously fought in the Battle of Britain, such as Squadrons No. 302 and No. 303 that accumulated several battle honours, come to life with the Spitfire MK V, that joins the RAF and can be deployed to battle as either a Polish or British unit. 

Another famous Polish force was the Berling´s Army, that included many Polish crewed T-34 tanks, that fought on the Eastern front, including the Warsaw Uprising and the Battle of Berlin. The T-34 76 PL is a Polish unit that can also fight as an Exiled unit with the Soviet forces.

"Three salvoes in honour of Poland"

Commander Eugeniusz Pławski of the Polish ORP Piorun

Prior to commencing fire on the Bismarck, in the engagement that later sunk the German Battleship


Before and during WW2, Polish intel gathering and crypto-analysis experts of the Polish Cipher Bureau significantly contributed to cracking the famous Enigma code. Cracking the Enigma code provided the Allies with a significant advantage in WW2; some even go so far and call it the deciding factor. KARDS pays tribute to this important aspect with the introduction of Intel.

Intel is the new keyword in KARDS that allows you to get a peek into your opponent's hand and see which card(s) exactly your opponent has ready in hand. Intel comes in three different variations, Intel 1 to 3, which reveals one random card in the opponent's hand per Intel level. Intel opens up entirely new areas of gameplay and interaction with your opponent during the battle itself.


LEGIONS introduce a new, spawnable-only Polish unit and thrilling new related gameplay: Welcome the new LEGIONS units. A solid 2/2 Guard Infantry with 2 Kredits deployment cost and 1 Kredit operation costs. These units are tightly interwoven with Intel: When you play a card with Intel, your LEGIONS units will get +1+1.

LEGIONS units can be spawned only, similar to the Soviet LIGHT INFANTRY, but are considerably stronger and have much more potential. Several new cards further strengthen this interaction between LEGIONS and Intel, further enhancing their potential.


LEGIONS also expands the collection of the main factions (Britain, Germany, Japan, Soviet and USA) and the prior ally nations (France and Italy). Each nation will see new and innovative ways to set up their strategies and various new mechanics are introduced, such as special units gaining benefits for surviving battle. Check out all the new LEGIONS cards in the collection.

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