Winter War



Winter War, the sixth major expansion for KARDS, introduces Finland as a brand new ally nation, providing further depth to existing gameplay and adding two new keywords. Use your opponent's strength against them with the new Salvage mechanic, and neutralize threats on the board by Suppressing them. Winter War introduces 86 new playable cards to the battlefield, with new cards introduced for each of the existing main and ally nations, and 20 new cards for our newest ally nation, Finland.

KARDS - The WW2 Card Game - Winter is Here - Winter War Trailer


The Finnish spirit, tenacity, and exceptional military prowess take center stage in the Winter War expansion. The Finnish used several innovative techniques against their opponents during the winter war, including utilizing their opponent's arms and equipment against them to gain an edge in combat. The new Salvage keyword means that when your card with Salvage destroys an enemy unit during your turn, you will get a weaker version of the destroyed unit into your hand.

Another new keyword debuting in Winter War is the Suppress keyword, which causes units to lose all their keywords and abilities and have their attack and defense reset. However, units lose their Suppressed status if they return to hand. Target strong threats with Suppress to turn the tides of battle in your favor.

”Sotilaat! Olen taistellut monilla tantereilla, mutta en ole vielä nähnyt vertaisianne sotureita”

Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim,  Finnish military leader and statesman

“Soldiers! I have fought on many battlefields, but I have yet to see warriors like you." At the end of Winter War, March 14th 1940


Winter War introduces a new, spawnable-only Finnish unit with exhilarating new gameplay. This 1/1 infantry unit costs 1 kredit to play and 1 kredit to operate and has the special ability that units dealt damage by SISSI are destroyed.

SISSI units can only be spawned, similar to the Soviet LIGHT INFANTRY and Polish LEGIONS units, with their own unique twist. Some cards spawn enhanced versions of the SISSI, which can become a formidable threat on the battlefield.


Winter War also expands on the existing arsenals of all the main nations, Britain, Germany, Japan, Soviet and US, as well as existing ally nations, France, Italy, and Poland. Weave new layers of strategy with brand new combos and mechanics into your favorite nations. Check out all the new Winter War cards in the collection.