The Heart of the Game

KARDS has a vibrant community which is highly valued and actively supported by 1939 Games.

Ranging from casual chats with developers on Discord, dedicated discussions and feedback sessions, community collaborations, streamer support, internal testing, tournaments and even a World Championship!

There KARDS community is very friendly, helpful, inclusive and passionate about KARDS.

World Championship and esports

The annual highlight of the eSports community in KARDS is definitely the World Championship!

The first KARDS World Championship Finals was hosted in Iceland, home of the KARDS developers, in December 2019. It has been held since then most recently in December of 2021.

In addition to the KARDS World Championship there are regular tournaments in KARDS with the monthly Officer Club Championship and bi-monthly KARDS Open.

You can check out previous tournament broadcasts below:

World Championship VODs

Officer Club Championship VODs


Community Creators

KARDS has an active community of passionate creators producing everything from gameplay guides to meme videos

The following are just a few of the many great streams, videos, and websites available, we recommend you browse through the ever expanding collection of KARDS content across the most popular content platforms available online.