Brothers in Arms


Summer Expansion

BROTHERS IN ARMS, the fifth major expansion for KARDS, ushers in a wave of innovation with an arsenal of 92 brand new cards. Central to this expansion is the brand new Veteran mechanic which offers strategic card upgrades to specific units. This expansion injects new life into existing strategies, unlocking a trove of possibilities. Gear up for alliance-themed maneuvers with Britain and repair operations with the USA. Germany sees rapid upgrades with new Veteran units, with the Soviet featuring powerful Veteran units that are slower to upgrade. Japan brings out a wave of destruction and the ally nations carve out their own unique battlefield tactics. In BROTHERS IN ARMS, the stakes are higher than ever, and strategic positioning is paramount. Gear up for the next level of gameplay!

Veteran Mechanic

The brand new Veteran mechanic is a centerpiece of the BROTHERS IN ARMS expansion. The Veteran mechanic adds a fresh layer of strategy, allowing designated units to rank up in battle, transforming into upgraded versions by meeting specific requirements. Veteran units can be formidable foes on the battlefield, but they can also be targeted through specific orders or card effects that keep their power in check.

Strategic Maneuvers

Positioning has always been key in KARDS, and BROTHERS IN ARMS elevates this strategic element. Unleash new tactical advantages with frontline adjacency and enemy movement management. Navigate the battlefield with precision, adding depth, complexity, and excitement to your overall strategy.

Classic Mode

In addition to the BROTHERS IN ARMS expansion, we introduce the brand new Classic game mode. This game mode offers an even broader battlefield where all cards are fair game, including those residing in the Reserve pool. It’s a golden opportunity to dust off all your old favorites and devise strategies that span the full history of KARDS.

New Fronts

BROTHERS IN ARMS introduces a host of new and improved strategies for all nations. Explore the thrilling collection of cards and delve into the strategic opportunities that await on the battlefield. Check out all new cards from BROTHERS IN ARMS in the collection.