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Warfare on a grand scale

What is Kards?

KARDS is a digital strategy card game that anyone can play and enjoy. KARDS combines traditional CCG gameplay with innovative mechanics inspired by classic strategy games and real battlefield tactics. Take command and challenge other players in grand-scale warfare on the ground, air, or seas.

KARDS is completely free to play where all features are available from the start. You can earn all cards through regular gameplay, daily missions and an extensive achievement system and thereby build up your card collection.

Innovative game mechanics

KARDS blends familiar card game elements that make it easy to pick up with innovative mechanics that provide strategic depth and tactical diversity. As with any card game, you construct your decks and plan their strategy before heading to battle with the objective of taking out the opponent.

KARDS provides you with a familiar setting with the additional strategic layer to the battlefield with the frontline and its resource management. The frontline adds both the concepts of range and movement to the game which result in very tactical gameplay.

The innovative frontline mechanic allows you to better protect your support assets and takes the battle to your enemy. This creates a huge strategic element to how you play out your individual tactics as well as protect your headquarters.

Managing your forces is an important part of any military operation. In KARDS you need to carefully manage your resources (Kredits) between deploying new units, operating (moving/attacking with units) units already on the battlefield and giving orders to support your battle plans.

The deck

Your deck is built on a combination of military units and orders to support your battle efforts. Depending on what you believe to be a winning strategy, you will craft your deck on a combination of units and supporting orders.

  • Infantry: Try to overrun your opponent with lighter and often cheaper units.

  • Tanks: Blitz your opponent with heavily armored units that move faster than infantry.

  • Artillery: Blast your opponent from the safety of your support line without being damaged in return. But defend your artillery units well, as they are weak on the defense.

  • Aircraft: Achieve air superiority and wreak havoc from the sky, bombing or strafing any target you choose. But air units are usually expensive to deploy and operate.

The major powers

Play as any of the major powers of World War II, each with their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to forge the correct allegiance and craft the winning strategy.

How to play

Ready to jump into the fray and start playing? The best way is to download KARDS and start playing! If you still need additional support after the in-game tutorial, the pages here will give you further insights and help you with anything you might have missed. 

New players

KARDS is easy to start playing and you are quick to pick up the core mechanics. Once you start to dive deeper into it, there are always additional insights and tidbits to be gained. Take a closer look and learn more in this overview section.

Have questions?

Still have some questions that we have not covered, head to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and see if we have you covered.

Join the fight!

Kards is easy to learn, but hard to master. Battles are won by cunning, tactics, experience and strategy. Do you have what it takes?

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