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Winter Expansion

Breakthrough, the third expansion for KARDS, delivers a wealth of fundamentally new strategic possibilities and tactical options, all inspired by real-world WW2 history. Breakthrough introduces new Pincer mechanics, never-seen-before Research cards motivated by actual WW2 research projects, and new orders that let you to take control of enemy units. Breakthrough introduces 81 new playable cards for the five main nations and the two ally nations, in addition to research projects like the V-1 Flying Bomb, The Manhattan Project and many more!

Research: The will to do it

No war has been more affected by advances in science and technology than WWII. Especially during this period, technological breakthroughs often tipped the scale between victory or defeat in swift succession and left a lasting mark for years to come. Investing in Research and reaching breakthrough results delivered massive rewards and advances but drained valuable resources and crippled even major powers when the Research couldn't produce desired results too late or at all.

Breakthrough introduces Research as a new feature and gameplay option. Inspired by historical projects of strategic impact, you can now use Research to either support your current strategy or to create a strong complement, depending on which route you take. Each Research phase leaves you with the choice: reap the benefit you have gained so far, or further invest in the hope of reaching a true research breakthrough later on and before it is too late.

Will you stay the course for the ultimate rewards like the Manhattan Project or try to capitalize on early returns? Can you survive long enough?

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

American theoretical physicist and professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Pincer ability: Double or none!

In military terms, a pincer movement is a coordinated and simultaneous attack of separate forces to encircle the enemy and then simultaneously attack them on both flanks or from opposing directions. The maneuver relies on both groups encircling the enemy to succeed in deploying their devastating blow. The pincer movement was an integral part of the German Blitzkrieg and was often used to shocking effect during World War II.

The KARDS Pincer ability is inspired by this real-world tactic and recreates this attack in an abstract yet realistic way on the battlefield.

When a Pincer unit enters the battlefield, you can choose another friendly unit as a counterpart of the Pincer. This effect is the abstraction of two units working together to pincer the opponent. Only while both units are on the battlefield will they both get the Pincer benefit.

For example: A Pincer: +2 Attack would give the Pincer unit +2 attack and the other selected unit +2 attack - as long as they both are on the battlefield. If either unit is removed from the battlefield, the other remaining unit automatically loses the +2 Pincer attack bonus.

Take Control

On the battlefield, chaos can reign, and friendly fire can become as deadly as enemy attacks. Switching sides during WWII was also not uncommon, even for nations. At the start of WWII Romania, Bulgaria and Italy were allied with the Axis powers, but the war’s developments in later years would influence these countries decisions to switch their allegiance to the Allies.

An example of take control is Confusion, where you can take control of an enemy unit, with cost of 3 or less, until end of turn. This effect is the abstraction of a unit becoming confused during battle and therefore not acting as they should.

Another example is Minority Recruits, where you can take full control of an enemy unit. This effect is the abstraction of turning to the enemy.

New Cards, New mechanics

In addition to the pincer mechanics, research cards and taking control of enemy units, Breakthrough introduces cards that enable you to select a card from hand, adding mechanics to units and a whole host of cards to further enhance your favorite style. Check out all the new Breakthrough Cards in the collection

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