Theaters of War


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Theaters of War introduces five single-player PVE campaigns played out in historical scenarios, where you take on special objectives in a hostile environment that constantly challenges your skill and resolve.

Single Player Campaigns

In Theaters of War you dive into historical campaigns where operational success relies on your tactical prowess and long term planning. Prove your mettle and achieve total victory as you take charge of main nations of the war.

  • Britain: The Tunisian Campaign

  • Germany: El Alamein

  • USA: Guadalcanal

  • Japan: Fall of the Philippines

  • Soviet Union: Battle of Moscow

Read more about each campaign below.

Different Strategies and upgradeable units

Each campaign offers you three different strategies to achieve operational success and can vastly change the approach to victory. Each campaign provides you with a base set of units and orders, while the strategic choice brings different strategic support. As you progress through the campaign, you will upgrade your units to better tackle what is to come and provide multiple different paths to success. The combination of different strategies and units to upgrade provides fun and engaging replay value for each campaign.

Card backs and emote rewards

Complete a campaign to earn the Theaters of War national card back, one for each nation. Acquire all the stars in a campaign and earn a special emote for each nation.

The Tunisian Campaign

Following Operation Torch and the fall of Morocco and Algeria, the race was on for Tunisia. Take charge of the British forces on their march to Tunis City to capture the capital and facilitate the surrender of all Axis forces in the area. Select between travelling by the coast and getting naval support, gain support from the Vichy French for numerical superiority or outflank the Axis with your 'Blade Force' and American allies.

El Alamein

The British have the Italian forces on the run and it is time to turn the tide. Take charge of the German Afrika Korps sent to Libya to stem the advance of the British and take the fight to Egypt, securing Alexandria and the Suez Canal itself. Select between relying on Rommel's tactical prowess to get the most out of the troops, secure the supply route and dominate in the long haul or call in the Italian forces close in hand for support.


The Guadalcanal campaign was the first major allied land offensive against the Empire of Japan. The island contains an airfield that can prove decisive in turning the allies from waging a defensive war into an offensive one. Select between strengthening and relying on the core of the US marine force, focusing on securing the Henderson Field for air support or rely on the US navy for support and keeping the Japanese at bay.

Fall of the Philippines

Imperial Japan is on the offensive as they invade the Philippines hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Successfully taking control of the Philippines secures a supply line from the Japanese home islands, provides a stepping stone for further conquests and deprives the US of an advance base in the region. Select between focusing on your jungle warfare experience, air superiority or going for the brute force of our battle-hardened units.

Battle of Moscow

Operation Barbarossa saw Germans advance far into the Soviet Union on all fronts. After Kiev, most of the trained Soviet reserves were depleted and the Germans are on Moscow's doorsteps. Take charge of the Soviet defensive to halt the German advance to Moscow and take advantage of the winter to turn the tides of the invasion. Select between calling your elite units from the Far Eastern front back for support, call in the people of Moscow to dig entrenchments and anti-tank ditches to slow our enemy down or call in the reserves and get as many able bodies on the field.

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