Global Conflict : 10.5.2022

Global Conflict focuses on the wars in the colonies in SouthEast Asia and has Japan and Great Britain as main antagonists; it also brings some support to the colonial powers France and Italy.

Battle of the Bulge : 31.3.2022

This fourth installment in our series of historically themed updates brings reinforcements to the battlefield with 7 unique new cards (18 in total), general improvements, and alternate art.

Behind Enemy Lines : 24.2.2022

This World at War update focuses on the warfare behind enemy lines and is themed around special operations, spying, and partisans. Britain, France, Poland, and the Soviet Union spearhead the efforts behind enemy lines.

Escalation : 20.1.2022

This second World at War update is themed around the build-up into the war and focuses on the USA, Japan, and the Soviet Union. This update delivers a combination of new and existing cards fitting the theme.

Battle of Britain : 18.11.2021

Our first World at War update is themed around the famous Battle of Britain and focuses on air operations - just like its historical counterpart.Explore new options and strategies with our new Battle of Britain cards such as the iconic Eagle Day and honor the war efforts of the Observer Corps by giving them a new home in your decks.

Legions Uprising : 9.9.2021

Uprising, the latest update to KARDS reinforces the Legions set with a total of 53 brand-new cards (21 unique). All major nations receive reinforcements of three new cards (one Elite, one Special, and one Standard rarity), the ally nation Poland is strengthened with six new cards.

Legions : 31.5.2021

KARDS Legions, the fourth major expansion for KARDS, is live now! Legions introduces the Polish fighting forces as a new ally along with 84 unique playable cards and advanced new gameplay mechanics in a massive summer offensive.

Catalyst : 11.3.2021

Catalyst, the latest update to KARDS, reinforces the Breakthrough set with a total of 60 brand-new cards (24 unique). All major nations receive reinforcements of four new cards (one of each rarity), while each of the ally nations, France and Italy, are buffed with two new cards.

Breakthrough : 9.12.2020

Breakthrough arrives with a total of 81 new cards, many of them with new effects introduced for the first time in this expansion, reinforcing players with thrilling new tools to challenge their opponents and dominate the battlefield with tactical skills and strategic thinking.

Allegiance : 10.12.2019

The additional allies add new flavours, enable interesting new battlefield tactics and significantly increase the strategic depth of the game. Numerous balance updates and bug fixes round up this completely free expansion.