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9 months ago (6/16/2022)
Game Version
Wildcard cost
Card breakdown
Orders (6)
Units (33)
Japan (29)
Germany (10)

Improved Japan starter deck

Here is an improved version of the Japanese starter deck that you can build by adding some of the ally cards collected by completing the German starter campaign while removing some of the cards that are weaker or don’t fit your deck strategy. In addition to this, further below are some tips on how to play the deck and improve it even further down the line.

Cards to remove from the initial Japan starter deck:


-2 MODEL 25 


-2 10.5 cm leFH 

Cards to add to the improved Japan starter deck:

+1 PANZER 35(t) 

+2 BF 109E-7 TROP 


+2 FW 190 A 


Battle plan

This deck is played very aggressively. Cards like 41st BICYCLE REGIMENT, 15th CAVALRY REGIMENT, PANZER 35(t) and KUMAMOTO REGIMENT with their BLITZ ability and 0 operation cost help you to deal early damage to your opponent's HQ before they can develope their match plan. Cards like AIR BLITZ, MITO REGIMENT and Ki-43 HAYABUSA help you to finish them off with their direct damage to the HQ.

Whenever it is possible you should hit the opponents HQ with your units on board over trading them into his units. 2nd RAIDING BRIGADE and AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT help you to get rid of opposing guards that keep you away from hitting the HQ.

The FURY ability of the 6th INFANTRY REGIMENT is very strong in combination with TYPE 97 Chi-Ha and HONOR. Whenever you have the chance to play HONOR on a 6th INFANTRY REGIMENT in the frontline you should take it although the unit might die from HONOR's effect (pro tip: DEADLY DUTY on a unit that would die from HONOR's effect anyways can give you 2 cards draw)

In the mid game BF 109E-7 TROP, PANZER IV-G, A6M2 ZERO and FW 190 A help you to maintain board control while also being a threat for your opponent.

Ki-61 HIEN is a good way to finish off your opponent.

Mulligan (Starter hand selection)

Since this is a very aggressive deck, you are looking for your cheap early game cards like 41st BICYCLE REGIMENT, 15th CAVALRY REGIMENT, AKITA REGIMENT, 6th INFANTRY REGIMENT or PANZER 35(t) to be in your starting hand. 

If you don't find any of them in the first try you should give away your whole hand with the mulligan and look for them.

In optimal case you have a starting hand like this: 41st BICYCLE REGIMENT/15th CAVALRY REGIMENT & PANZER 35(t)/6th INFANTRY REGIMENT & any 3K unit of your deck (best case: TYPE 97 Chi-Ha/2nd RAIDING BRIGADE)

How to improve the deck FURTHER

To improve this deck even further by using the early wildcards you get and cards from packs, first of all you should try to collect full sets off 41st BICYCLE REGIMENT, 15th CAVALRY REGIMENT, PANZER 35(t), AKITA REGIMENT, MITO REGIMENT and AIR BLITZ 

You can replace PANZER IV-G, KUMAMOTO REGIMENT, FW 190 A and A6M2 ZERO with them.

FEIGNED RETREAT (Japanese Theaters of War campaign reward) can help you to solve the draw problem that might occur while making your deck more aggressive (cheaper). If you put FEIGNED RETREAT in your deck remove DEADLY DUTY and HONOR from your deck because you want to have as little orders as possible in your deck. 

EXPANSION is another good way to get more draw into your deck. You should decide of you want to go FEIGNED RETREAT OR 4x EXPANSION in your deck. Don't do both!

When you get your first ELITE wildcard you should use it to craft 1st SIGNAL REGIMENT. This card is must have in this kind of deck archetype.

Try it out this good starting point and then put your own spin on it. Most importantly, have fun!