Announcing the KARDS World Championship 2021

over 2 years ago

Hello Kards community! It is with great excitement that 1939 Games announces the KARDS World Championship 2021 and invites everyone to join!

The KARDS World Championship 2021 is an open event for all KARDS players starting with open qualifiers in September and October and culminating in a grand finale in Iceland in December where we will crown the KARDS World Champion 2021.

To guarantee a fun event for all participants, the World Championship has three stages so everyone can dip their toes into the competitive pool for a taste of the action

  • In-Client Open Qualifiers

  • Knockout Stage

  • Finals stage (in Iceland)

While playing in the World Championship is already a great adventure on its own, the way to the final is sprinkled with additional rewards ranging from cosmetics to the unique KARDS 2021 World Championship Cardback.

How do you become the KARDS World Champion?

The World Championship 2021 has three stages, you need to be successful at each to become the World Champion.

Previous season winners, KARDS Open winners and OCC winners as well as the top 4 players from last year's KARDS World Championship are all guaranteed a spot in the top 128 that compete in the knockout stage.

Stage 1: Open Qualifiers in September/October

Join one or both of the two open qualifiers available through the KARDS Client during weekends between September 4th and October 9th to earn your 2021 KARDS World Championship Cardback and compete to qualify for stage 2 of the tournament. The top 50 players from each qualifier will advance.

Stage 2: Top 128 player knockout stage

The 100 players from the open qualifiers and the 28 pre-qualified players are randomly drawn into 16 groups of 8 players and will play a round robin group stage during the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of October. The two players with the best score in each group will progress into a 32 person double elimination bracket played during the weekend of 30th-31st of October to qualify the four players that will make it to Iceland for the final stage of the tournament.

Stage 3: The grand finale of the World Championship!

All finalists will be invited to Iceland by 1939 Games for a thrilling adventure and to battle for the title of KARDS World Champion 2021 in an offline setting! A very limited number of seats will be available for those interested in attending the finals in Iceland, more information on that later.

Start preparing for battle!

With the first set of qualifiers starting at the beginning of September, now is your chance to start preparing your forces for battle to challenge for the title of KARDS World Champion and your share of the $10.000 Prize pool.

Start thinking about what types of decks you want to bring, what cards you need to get to be in fighting shape come September to take on the world's best players!

Rewards: Prizes all along the way to the top

Even though participating in the KARDS World Championship is already a great adventure in itself, we have sprinkled your journey through the various stages with additional rewards and prizes!

Let’s go over the rewards one by one.

  • Every player that completes three qualifying sessions in the Open qualifier for the World Championship will receive the KARDS World Championship 2021 cardback and a random golden special card.

  • Every player that qualifies for the top 128 - the knockout stage will receive two cosmetic in game-items as well as a pack of 10 draft tickets

  • The four finalists will get an all expenses paid trip to Iceland to play the finals in the bunker and will compete for their share of the $10.000 prize pool.

We will publish more details on all things KWC2021 in the coming weeks and months, so make sure to regularly check in for updates!