Card Updates: Harmony

10 months ago

Hello, everyone!


As we move with full force into the winter season, the team has been working hard on various improvements, preparations for the upcoming winter expansion, as well as several new or updated features that we are excited to share more about with you all soon. The August patch was one that came with a lot of challenges for us and unfortunately that release led to various issues which a number of players experienced, for which we sincerely apologize to all affected players. The August release highlighted flaws in our release pipeline which we have worked to rectify, through reinforcing our processes and ensuring that significantly more time is allocated for testing before release.


Since the last balance patch in August, we have been monitoring and analyzing the current meta. We have identified some key areas to focus on and, to that end, will be updating three cards in the upcoming October patch, which is currently slated for release in early October.



Old: Choose a card with cost 4 or more in your hand. Reduce its cost by 2.

New: Choose a card with cost 5 or more in your hand. Reduce its cost by 2.


The Observer Corps played a critical role for the RAF in WW2, providing key intel for intercepting enemy formations. In KARDS, the OBSERVER CORPS is currently serving as a key component in Kredit Denial decks, becoming very powerful when combined with cards such as SOUTHERN PLAN and DAYLIGHT BOMBING. To address this strong combo, we're adjusting OBSERVER CORPS to reduce a card in hand with cost 5 or more, as opposed to the old 4 or more, by 2. While still a strong card, this adjustment will have a significant impact on its Kredit Denial combo, as well as keeping its power in check for potential future OTK combos.



Old: Distribute damage to enemy cards equal to the number of cards on the battlefield.

New: Distribute damage to enemy targets equal to the number of units on the battlefield.


A formidable air carrier, the IJN SHINANO has cemented itself as a powerful card in Japanese aggro decks since its release with the Brothers in Arms expansion last summer. We aim to dial the power back a bit with this adjustment.



The 164th Infantry Regiment was a unit that saw fierce fighting in the Guadalcanal Campaign providing significant experience in jungle warfare. This is a unit we feel could use a bit more oomph in KARDS to make it more useful in decks such as US Frontline. As such, we are adding Blitz to this unit, which will better represent its prowess in combat and allow for an increased presence in popular decks.


That’s it for now. As mentioned in previous dev blogs, we continue to prioritize smaller adjustments in balance, with extensive changes primarily brought on through future expansions. The changes outlined in this blog are expected to go live in early October.


Thank you, and until we meet again on the battlefield, commanders!