Catalyst - The Breakthrough extension is live now!

over 3 years ago

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our first mini-expansion Breakthrough: Catalyst on March 11th. 

Catalyst, the latest update to KARDS, reinforces the Breakthrough set with a total of 60 brand-new cards (24 unique). All major nations receive reinforcements of four new cards (one of each rarity), while each of the ally nations, France and Italy, are buffed with two new cards.

The new cards' primary focus is to develop the already successful and exciting Breakthrough theme, adding more strategic and tactical options to your arsenal. To spotlight these new options, we have prepared an insightful card review with developer Olikrummi and expert player Darkness:

Get your Catalyst cards

KARDS is entirely free to play and stays like this. You can obtain the new Catalyst cards in multiple ways from March 11th onwards:

  • Use your wildcards to create the card(s) you want.

  • Open Breakthrough packs. Catalyst is part of the Breakthrough set; therefore, all Breakthrough packs can contain the new cards.

  • Purchase the Catalyst bundle to get all new cards in one go. The full bundle is available for real money ($19.95) and in-game currency (250 Gold).

  • Treat yourself with the Premium version ($49.90) to get two complete sets of Catalyst cards: The set of regular Catalyst cards and the special set of premium Catalyst Gold cards. The Premium version includes various other goodies such as a new table prop, new card back, new emote, draft tickets, and more.

You decide what best fits your style! 

We hope you enjoy the new Catalyst cards and look forward to many new thrilling decks and tactics.