Brothers in Arms Brings Classic Mode and Free Care Package

about 1 year ago

KARDS, your beloved World War II-themed card game, is bracing for a thrilling transformation this summer. With the impending arrival of "Brothers in Arms" on June 27th, we're excited to shift the spotlight to two other massive game-changers: the introduction of "Classic" Mode and the generous dispatch of Care Packages.

Brace yourselves as we dive into this exciting new era of KARDS!

Classic Mode: Deploy Your Full Arsenal

The Brothers in Arms expansion brings with it an exciting new feature: the "Classic" game mode. This innovation offers a broadened battlefield where all cards come into play, even those relocated into the reserve pool.

This is a rare chance to revisit the vaults of KARDS history and rejuvenate your old favorites. Whether you're a battle-hardened general or a newly recruited private, Classic mode is a strategic playground where every card can make a monumental difference. It's time to rally your forces and command your complete arsenal like never before!

Free Packs for All: A Token of Gratitude

To celebrate the launch of Brothers in Arms, we're expressing our gratitude by giving away two free expansion card packs to every player at the arrival of the summer expansion! These packs are crammed with the firepower to fully immerse in and appreciate the new expansion. Unearth new strategies, assemble powerful units, and immerse yourself in the new strategies available in Brothers in Arms.

Care Package: Reinforcements for the Reserve Pool Shift

The arrival of Brothers in Arms also marks a strategic reshuffle. We're introducing significant changes to the reserve pool, shifting 90 cards out of the ladder and into Classic mode play. While this transition might present new strategic challenges, it’s a thrilling evolution, vital to sustaining the freshness and dynamism of KARDS.

To support you during this transition, we're dispatching a generous care package to every account created before June 1. This vital supply drop includes five core and three expansion card packs, ensuring your arsenal remains robust and versatile.

Pre-Order Bonanza: Brothers in Arms Awaits

The clock is ticking down to the official deployment of Brothers in Arms on June 27, but there's still time to save over 20% on the pre-orders! Ensure you're at the front line of this grand offensive, fully equipped with the latest cards to dictate your game.

What's more, pre-orders come in two unique flavors, each offering its own distinct advantages. Besides receiving a special card back and an emote, you'll also get a head start on exploring the intricacies of the expansion.

The Countdown to June 27 Begins

The introduction of Classic Mode, the imminent arrival of Brothers in Arms, and the delivery of your Care Package herald a new chapter in your KARDS journey. Embrace the thrill of historical strategy, reignite the fires of past battles, and gear up for an unforgettable summer expansion.

It's time to marshal your forces, commanders. The next battle is on the horizon!