Coming Soon: Shop Update

about 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, a lot of our focus lately has been on modernizing various aspects of KARDS. Next up is the in-game shop! Here, we will break down what changes will be happening to the shop in May and some of the reasoning for these. Read on for all the details, or, if you’re strapped for time, head to the end for the tl;dr summary of changes.

A Brand New Shop

The KARDS shop has not undergone any significant changes for some time. Packs and accessories on offer have stayed much the same, with the occasional new addition and limited time special offers. We feel that the shop could use a bit of streamlining and improved focus. To this end, we are introducing a number of changes and new shop features.

Daily Free Card

Log in every day to claim your free card from the shop! A different, Standard rarity card will be available each day in the shop for you to claim.

Purchase Cards

Each day, two cards will be available for direct purchase with Diamonds. Specific days will include Special or Elite rarity cards, with other days containing a random selection of Standard and Limited cards.

Rotating Cosmetics

To create a more positive shop experience for our players, we aim to fundamentally rework the way in which cosmetics are presented in the shop. We will be removing all equipment, emotes, card backs and bundles from the store and introducing them on a rotating basis. Through these rotating offers, you’ll be able to purchase equipment, emotes, alternative card art, card backs and Battlefield HQs. Shop offers will be rotated every 2-3 days.

Reward Changes

Rewards that players receive for the battles they engage in are a critical part of KARDS. In making KARDS, we have gone through some different reward systems, some of which have stayed even after new and improved systems have been implemented. When Gold for every 3rd win was introduced, the game was a pretty bare boned experience, with very little else in terms of rewards in the game. Now that we have the national progression system, and with the upcoming addition of the daily free card in the game, we will be removing the Gold for every 3rd win reward, while the first win of the day reward remains. This change is important for the health of the economy of KARDS and something that should be considered as one part of the whole picture.

Pack Changes

As part of the shop update, we dived into a lot of data about card packs. For a new player, Base packs can be a good way of building up your initial collection, as you’re getting more cards into your collection for the price you pay. Officer packs are a better way to build up your collection of Special and Elite rarity cards. After analyzing the drop rates in Base packs, we saw that the Special cards have a smaller weight than we would like to see compared to the overall card pool. Therefore, we will be increasing their drop rate in Base packs, at the expense of Limited and Elite cards.

Drop rates for gold cards and wildcards in Base packs is fairly low. To further differentiate between Base and Officer packs, we plan to increase the drop rates of wildcards and gold cards in Officer packs, while removing them from Base packs. With these changes, we will also be adjusting the Gold prices on Officer packs, to 330 Gold instead of 300 Gold. Diamond prices will remain the same and there will be no changes to prices of Base packs.

Duplicate Protection

With duplicate protection, any packs you open will be packed with value! This becomes especially relevant as you complete more of your collection, with the duplicate protection ensuring that if possible, you will not get a card duplicate. This duplicate protection also applies to cards received as end of season rewards, such as gold Elite cards.

Duplicate protection will not affect rarity distribution within packs, so if you have a fully completed collection of cards of a certain rarity you will then receive duplicates in that rarity (e.g. if all Standard cards have been collected you will start getting Standard duplicates).

When Are These Changes Happening?

The shop update is planned for mid-May. The update will include all of the elements described above.


  • Daily free card: every day, you’ll be able to claim a free card from the shop.

  • Purchase cards: specific cards will be available for purchase with diamonds each day.

  • Offerings streamlined: the shop will be de-cluttered, providing a smaller selection of rotating cosmetics that change every 2-3 days.

  • Reward change: Gold reward for every 3rd win will be removed as part of an overarching economic balancing, while the first win of the day reward remains.

  • Pack changes: Special rarity cards will be more likely to drop in Base packs, with some additional changes in drop rates in Base and Officer packs and a small Gold price increase on Officer packs, which will be more likely to drop wildcards and gold cards.

  • Duplicate protection: duplicate protection is introduced, allowing you to complete your collection faster.

That sums up the upcoming shop changes. Join us on Discord and let us know what you think!