Community Spotlight: Spooz and the Nations Cup

9 months ago

Hello everyone!


The KARDS community is filled with players of diverse backgrounds with varied viewpoints. Many of its members create contributions that enrich the community, providing, for example, entertainment or guidance to other community members. Through the relaunch of the KARDS Contributor Program, we aim to provide added support to contributors, as well as to highlight the various contributions of KCP members to the KARDS community.


This month, we learn more about Spooz and the upcoming Nations Cup tournament!


Spooz started playing KARDS on March 7th, 2019, after seeing KARDS advertised on YouTube. Since then, he’s played more than 2200 hours - 90% of which he estimates to have been on stream. Drawn to KARDS by a fascination for strategy games and the WW2 theme, Spooz’s favorite aspect of the game is the strategic depth created by the operation cost mechanic, as well as the ability to get creative, trying out new combos and decks. Spooz’s favorite card is the KV-1 1941 and, at the moment, he’s been enjoying playing a Japan/Poland Legions deck.


Spooz primarily streams KARDS and creates videos with some highlight matches for his YouTube channel. He aims to offer a variety of content, e.g. fun decks, meta decks, challenges or exclusive challenges like the Nations Cup. Spooz primarily produces entertainment based content: “I'm always trying to create stuff that is interesting to watch without getting too deep into the strategic part of KARDS.”

Spooz aims to stream 2-3 times a week with a similar amount of videos released every week. When asked what viewers can expect from Spooz, he says: “Honesty and a lot of missed lethals I guess ;)”

Check out one of Spooz’s latest videos here:

Nations Cup Tournament

The Nations Cup is a team based tournament where players compete for their country in teams of 3-4 players. The tournament was started by Spooz in 2020, inspired by a love for national tournaments and a feeling that such tournaments needed representation in the KARDS tournament scene.


The Nations Cup features different game modes, such as pauper, no orders allowed, singleton, and only main nation cards. Nations Cup games are played in 2 groups, with 4 teams in each group, where the best 2 nations of each group advance to the semi finals. Games will take place on selected dates throughout November and there’ll be some exciting prizes to earn!

Nations Cup Prizes

  • 1st: 750 Diamonds

  • 2nd: 500 Diamonds

  • 3rd: 250 Diamonds

  • 4th: 1000 Gold, 2 Officer packs and 1 Standard pack

  • 5th - 6th: 600 Gold, 1 Officer pack and 2 Standard packs

  • 7th - 8th: 300 Gold and 2 Standard packs

Additionally, the top 3 teams will be able to choose a card back prize from the selection of card backs available on rotation in the in-game Shop. 

Join the Fun!

The Nations Cup is open for anyone to enter - simply sign up on Spooz’s Discord server here! If at least 3 players apply on the behalf of one nation, the nation becomes eligible to participate in the Nations Cup. If more than 8 nations apply, the nations with players with the highest finishes on the in-game seasonal ladder this year take part in the cup.


The Nations Cup will be live streamed on Spooz’s Twitch channel and uploaded to Spooz’s YouTube channel. Lucky viewers may win some goodies during the Nations Cup streams, so make sure to give Spooz a follow so you don’t miss a thing! Get more information on the Nations Cup here: Spooz’s Discord server.

New Player Advice

The KARDS community is one that Spooz feels is very welcoming to newer players: “whenever a new player needs help there are a dozen experienced players that offer their help.”

For new players, he especially recommends they watch his tutorial video where he reached Field Marshal with a new account in only 16 hours:

Additionally, watching the monthly OCC tournaments on the KARDS Twitch channel or KARDS YouTube channel, as well as checking out other KARDS streamers can help new players improve a lot faster than trying to figure things out on your own.