Currency changes for KARDS and a $2,000,000 gift

over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!


We have some important changes in KARDS arriving with a new currency, a special gift for everyone, and a change in the gold amount. Let’s go over all of these changes!

New currency for KARDS

On March 24th, 2022, we introduced a new premium currency to KARDS. You can use this new currency to purchase offers in the KARDS shop, as well as items that are available for in-game gold.

Our new currency, Diamonds, is now available in the KARDS shop and is shown on your account.

For background information, the reasons for introducing the new currency, the design behind it, and details on the pricing strategy, please check our previous blogs “A new currency for KARDS” and “Update on a new currency for KARDS.”

All items that you could get with in-game gold continue to be available for in-game gold, of course. More on gold below, but first, we have a gift for everyone in the player community.

$2,000,000 gift to the community

As we are introducing the new premium currency to KARDS, we want to give the community a large “thank you” for valuable discussions, passionate engagement over time, and especially feedback regarding our new currency.

Everyone has now received free diamonds as a special gift from the team. In total, we have distributed diamonds worth more than $2,000,000.

KARDS Dev team

The diamonds have been automatically added to your account; you don’t need to do anything extra to claim them.

You can either save up the diamonds for future purchases or spend them right away on some premium items in the store - the choice is yours!

Log in and enjoy the gift.

Gold Update - Everything times ten

Additionally to introducing a new currency and the gift of free diamonds, we have multiplied all occurrences of in-game gold by ten. This is a purely cosmetical overhaul; you don’t lose out on anything or progress slower.

All your existing gold and gold income of any kind (for example: winning battles, daily missions, draft rewards, etc.) have been automatically multiplied by ten. At the same time, the gold cost of all items has been increased by ten as well. Your purchasing power in gold and progression naturally stays the same as before.

This purely cosmetic overhaul was done to establish a more natural ratio between in-game gold and diamonds.

KARDS was updated with these changes on March 24th, 2022. Check out your new currency balance and the gift you got!

See you on the battlefields of KARDS!