Covert Operations: Dominating the Skies and Shores

6 days ago

KARDS, the World War II card game, continues to evolve with our Covert Operations expansion. Covert Operations will add  87 new cards and completely new game mechanics on June 11. Britain receives 15 new cards (3 Elite, 3 Special, 4 Limited, 5 Standard) and Pre-sales are still open with a 20% discount. If this strategy appeals to you, we will have battle ready decks available immediately on release. You will find it under Going Commando Deck

For Britain, the focus is on strengthening and enhancing existing archetypes, particularly the Commandos and British Air. This article will delve into the strategic enhancements for these archetypes

Enhancing British Commandos

British Commandos played a pivotal role in victory in Europe. Traditional Commando decks use No. 10 Commando and a plethora of orders to ride to victory, with Crusader Mk II providing the drawing power. The new expansion gives players more ways of getting No. 10 Commandos and a new way to win through Infiltrate.

Key Commando Cards

No 9 Commando

Allows you to set the defense of a target enemy to 1

Commando Raid

Allows you to pin a unit and add a No.10 Commando  to your support line

Baker Street Irregulars

Develop a British Special Forces unit. If you control a commando, also develop a British Order


Intel 2. Each of your Commando units deals damage to a random enemy equal to known cards in the enemy hand.

Dominance in the Skies: Brit Air Superiority

British Air: Ruling the Skies

British Air units have always been a pivotal part of Britain's strategy in KARDS, focusing on controlling the skies and providing critical support to ground operations. The latest updates have bolstered the air superiority of Britain, making air units more resilient and impactful.

Key Cards

Beaufighter VI F

British air Units you deploy get +2 +2

Sea Embargo

Give target unit +1 +2 . If it is an air unit, Develop a British air unit with two or less attack

Shark Mk III

Deployment: Deal damage to target enemy equal to friendly air units


The recent updates in KARDS have significantly enhanced Britain's strategic capabilities, particularly within the Commandos and British Air. Utilizing Commandos and British air, along with the strategic depth provided by the "2nd card matters" mini-theme, will allow players to craft powerful and versatile decks. Embrace these enhancements to dominate the battlefield with Britain's elite forces, whether striking swiftly from the shadows with Commandos or ruling the skies with British Air superiority.