Brothers in Arms Expansion Has Landed: A New Era in KARDS Begins

about 1 year ago

We are thrilled to announce the deployment of the Brothers in Arms expansion, which rolled out across all battlefields on June 27th. This massive expansion is available to all players on all platforms and introduces an exciting new era in the world of KARDS.

Bolstering the game with 92 carefully designed new cards, Brothers in Arms takes the tactical depth of KARDS to new heights. Whether you're aligning with major or minor nations, expect a wealth of fresh strategies and gameplay enhancements to discover and master.


The Brothers in Arms expansion ushers in a wave of innovation in KARDS. Central to this is the new "Veteran" mechanic, offering strategic card upgrades. Positioning also gets a significant boost. Tactics like frontline adjacency and enemy movement management become pivotal. They add fresh depth, complexity, and excitement to your strategies.

These shifts open the door to a realm of strategic possibilities. For Britain, it's all about alliance-themed maneuvers. Germany gears up for rapid promotion. The USA focuses on repair operations, while Japan brings in a wave of destruction. Meanwhile, the minor nations each carve out their unique battlefield tactics. The next level of gameplay awaits!


In addition to the exciting release of the Brothers in Arms expansion, we have more reasons to celebrate! We are delighted to offer every player two free expansion card packs. These packs are our way of expressing gratitude and providing you with an extra boost to enjoy the new expansion to the fullest. Uncover new strategies, collect powerful cards, and embark on thrilling battles with the Brothers in Arms expansion!


Alongside the release of the Brothers in Arms expansion, we're implementing significant changes to the reserve pool. As part of this transition, 90 cards will rotate out of the ladder and into the classic mode play. We understand that this adjustment may require fine-tuning in your gameplay and deck building, but these changes are crucial to keeping the game fresh and exciting.

To support you during this transition, we're providing a generous care package to every account created before June 1. This care package includes five core and three expansion card packs, ensuring that your card collection remains robust and versatile.


But that's not all! Along with the Brothers in Arms expansion, we're introducing the "Classic" game mode. This new mode offers an even broader battlefield where all cards are fair game, including those that have been moved to the reserve pool. It's a golden opportunity to dust off your old favorites and devise strategies that span the full history of KARDS.

So, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the front, the Classic mode opens a thrilling playground where every card holds potential.

Get ready to re-engage with your complete arsenal like never before.


Take a quick march through the key changes the Brothers in Arms expansion brings to the battlefront for each nation:


Britain fortifies its ranks with a minor focus on the Veteran mechanic, deploying a new Veteran fighter and draw unit. Battlefield positioning gains strategic importance with units enhancing those on their left. Critical assets include the "1-attack matters" initiative and the Ally theme, symbolizing the partnership with the US.


Germany launches a major Veteran operation, fielding six Veteran units and one support, primed for rapid promotion. Frontline positioning and adjacency gain new strategic significance. Additionally, a fresh Pincer theme emerges, offering a tactical advantage with new Pincer cards and rewarding payoffs.


Soviets mobilize a strong Veteran theme with three Veteran units and two supports. However, slower promotion rates are predicted alongside defensive measures with the introduction of counter-veteran strategies. Positional strategies are key with an emphasis on adjacency, disruptive placements, and new Pincer cards for tactical diversification.


USA commits to the Veteran theme with three Veteran units and two supports. Repair operations gain prominence with new repair cards and associated payoff cards. Battlefield positioning, particularly adjacency and frontline action, gain significant strategic weight.


Japan deploys a minor Veteran theme featuring a single Veteran air unit, and counters with a major Destruction theme to disrupt the battlefield. Key strategies include positional tactics such as adjacency and anti-position themes, emphasizing dynamic battlefield management.

Minor Nations

The minor nations also undergo key tactical shifts. France amplifies the focus on positional matters and the ally theme, while Italy leans towards repair operations. Meanwhile, Poland refocuses on the Position theme, particularly concerning enemy movements into the frontline.

The Brothers in Arms expansion for KARDS promises a fresh, strategic, and thrilling change to your gameplay experience. So gather your decks, strategize your moves, and prepare to immerse yourself in this rich, riveting expansion.