The KARDS 2022 World Champion is Jking7!

over 1 year ago

After an incredibly impressive performance throughout the year, culminating in an extremely successful run through the World Championship, Jking7 has conquered all his opponents and stands victorious as the KARDS 2022 World Champion! Jking7 makes KARDS history as the first consecutive, two-time holder of the title of KARDS World Champion!

The runner-up for the KARDS 2022 World Championship is Head. After a valiant fight for the top spot, Head wasn’t able to build up the momentum he needed, being defeated in that final series 3-0 by Jking7. Head is followed by Berto Burrito in third place, who was defeated by Head after an incredibly hard fought series that went all 5 games where, after winning his first two matches, Berto Burrito just couldn’t find the win with his Soviet Self Damage deck. In fourth place we have Bamboo who couldn’t catch a break with his deck lineup, being the first player to exit the Grand Finals.

As such, the bracket stands like this after the KARDS 2022 World Championship Grand Finals:

Our sincerest congratulations to our new KARDS World Champion, Jking7, as well as all of the participants in the top 4 Grand Finals. All our grand finalists have proven their skill and dedication to KARDS throughout the World Championship and earned their share of the $10,000 prize pool.

We thank everyone who participated in the World Championship by playing, watching, or otherwise interacting with this annual event. The KARDS 2022 World Championship has been filled with some amazing matches, awesome plays and tons of excitement - we are incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us in creating this unforgettable event!

You can find the Grand Finalists’ decklists here: KARDS 2022 World Championship - Top 4 Decks

Relive the Action

You can relive all the action of the KARDS 2022 World Championship Grand Finals on our YouTube channel.

Check out the live recordings to catch up on all the action and relive the highs and lows of this unforgettable World Championship weekend!

Chinese Invitational Tournament

On November 26th, the Chinese Invitational Tournament was held, where three of the four Grand Finalists from 2021 who couldn’t make it to Iceland to play in the 2021 KARDS World Championship Grand Finals battled it out with another titan of the Chinese competitive scene, Fenrir.

孙笑川258 reigned victorious in the Chinese Invitational, claiming victory and the lion’s share of the $5000 prize pool, following a series of intense games against CCMS-031. In second place was CCMS-031, with Fenrir coming in third, and cu元素收集大师 coming in fourth place.

Our congratulations to the winner, 孙笑川258! You can watch the final series of the Chinese Invitational here.

But Wait - There’s More!

Shortly before the holidays, on December 17th, we will be finishing off the competitive year with a bang with the December Officer Club Championship. We’ll be live and bringing you all the action in this final tournament of the year from 13:00 GMT!

The competitive year starts up again with the January Officer Club Championship. We’ll have plenty more tournaments throughout the year, including Officer Club Championships, Open tournaments and perhaps even some different formats. Stay tuned for more information about next year’s eSports schedule!

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