KARDS 2023 WC: Grand Finals Broadcast

8 months ago

Hello everyone!

The KARDS 2023 World Championship Grand Finals will be held on December 2nd and 3rd!



The journey to the KARDS 2023 World Championship officially kicked off with open in-game qualifiers in September. Throughout the six week open qualifier period close to 3,000 players competed for their spot in the top 128. These top 128 players were then whittled down to just the top 6 through a Round Robin and Double Elimination bracket, and then battled live on broadcast for their chance to make it to the grand finals in Iceland and compete for their share of the 12,000 USD prize pool. Catch up with all the action of the top 6 on the VOD here:

The World Championship journey culminates in an epic two-day live broadcast event during the first weekend in December where the top 4 KARDS players in the world fight for the title of KARDS World Champion using brand new cards from the Winter War expansion.

Grand Finals Broadcast

The KARDS 2023 World Championship will be broadcast live on December 2nd and 3rd starting at 13:00 GMT each day, with all our casters and players live on location in our studio in Reykjavík, Iceland. Join the broadcast for your chance to win lucrative prizes in our live stream giveaway!



The World Championship Grand Finals will see each of the top 4 grand finalists bringing one deck from each of the 5 main nations in KARDS, and fighting in a best-of-five series with two bans until the first place match. The top players will then clash in a best-of-seven series for the first time EVER in KARDS competitive history. The winner of the best-of-seven grand finals series will take home the title of KARDS 2023 World Champion and the lion’s share of the 12,000 USD prize pool! 

The Grand Finalists

For the Grand Finals, four of the most skilled and dedicated KARDS players in the world meet each other on the battlefield of KARDS for the ultimate title of World Champion!


Two-time reigning World Champion Jking7 is back to prove that his skills in KARDS are unmatched. Jking has proven his superior abilities time and time again, as the player to have finished in 1st place on the in-game seasonal ladder more often than any other, winning the most Officer Club Championship tournaments of any player, qualifying for every single OCC: Ultimate, and taking home numerous trophies in various other KARDS tournaments. Jking is a titan of competitive KARDS and will let no one get in his way to claim the title for the third year in a row.


Leo is a long time KARDS player that has proven himself to be a powerhouse in various competitive events. He came, saw and conquered in two different Officer Club Championship tournaments and qualified for the OCC Ultimate held in May this year. Leo also showed his skills in the 2022 World Championship where he was just a few wins away from making it into the top 6. He has shown his immense skill in the 2023 World Championship, knocking out a number of successful KARDS players to secure his place in the top 4. Leo is a force to be reckoned with that is ready to claim the title for 2023.


In spite of being a relative newcomer to the competitive scene, Socialist is a veteran of KARDS. Socialist made his first appearance on the main stage of KARDS esports in the Top 6 Grand Finals Qualifier Stream for the 2023 World Championship. Socialist has already proven that he can take on some of the best KARDS players in the world, beating several well established players in the World Championship’s top 32, where he made it to winner’s round 4 before being knocked down to the loser’s bracket by Jking7. He ultimately beat tournament regular Bezio in the loser’s bracket during the top 6 broadcast and is ready to prove his abilities in the top 4 in December.


Thanatron is no stranger to the KARDS esports scene, having shown his prowess in battle through multiple excellent performances in KARDS Open tournaments, for example achieving the 4th place in the KARDS Open #16. Thanatron is also well known in the KARDS community, having for example organized and hosted his own community tournaments. Thanatron is a seasoned player with extensive tournament experience that’s ready to show his talent as a top contender in this World Championship. In the top 32, Thanatron was knocked into the loser’s bracket at an early stage, but fought valiantly throughout to claim his seat in the top 4, and is ready to keep fighting to take home the title.

Our team of expert casters and analysts will be live in the studio to break down all the action on December 2nd and 3rd!

Make sure to tune in to the live broadcast on December 2nd and 3rd, starting at 13:00 UTC+0 each day. Who will be the KARDS 2023 World Champion?

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