KARDS 2023 WC: Relive All the Action!

3 months ago

The 2023 World Championship is over and the KARDS World Champion is Jking7!

Jking7 seized the title for the third straight year, etching his name in history as the inaugural three-time consecutive KARDS World Champion. We send our sincerest congratulations to Jking7 on his hard-fought victory after an incredible year in KARDS esports.

The 2023 KARDS World Championship runner up is Socialist, who lost 2-4 to Jking7 in the best-of-seven final series in Iceland after an incredibly impressive performance throughout the qualifiers, the Knockout stage, and two-day grand finals broadcast. He is followed by Thanatron in third place after his impressive run in the World Championship was brought to a halt by World Champion Jking7. Leo takes fourth place, whose World Championship run ended on the first day of the grand finals broadcast after being defeated by both Jking7 and Thanatron. Each of our players proved their abilities throughout the World Championship and have each earned their share of the 12,000 USD prize pool.

We are extremely grateful to all our players participating in the World Championship! From the thousands participating in the in-game open qualifiers in September and October, to the top 128 participating in the Knockout Stage, the final 6 who battled live on stream for their spot in the grand finals, and finally the top 4 who embarked on a journey to Reykjavík, Iceland, to fight for the title live from the bunker studio.

Relive The Action

You can already relive all the action of the KARDS 2023 World Championship on the KARDS YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in the recordings to experience the exhilarating highs and heart-wrenching lows of yet another unforgettable World Championship weekend!

KARDS 2023 World Championship Grand Finals Day 1

KARDS 2023 World Championship Grand Finals Day 2

The 2023 World Championship Grand Finals were played using decks from the new Winter War expansion, with each player bringing one deck from each main nation. Check out the decks of the top 4 participants right here: KARDS 2023 World Championship Top 4 Decks.

More To Come!

But that’s not all for KARDS esports this year! On December 16th at 13:00 GMT we close out the competitive year with the finals of the December OCC: Clash! This is the first OCC which features the competitive changes announced in early November, where only the top 2 players on the in-game ladder are automatically qualified for the top 8 and the rest fight through Swiss rounds for one of 6 remaining spots.

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