The Holiday Season is Coming to KARDS!

6 months ago

Hello everyone!

It’s been an exhilarating year for KARDS, with the arrival of KARDS mobile, two major expansions: Brothers in Arms and Winter War, and a plethora of other bigger and smaller features and updates. We look back on the year that has just passed with a huge amount of gratitude to all our players who have been with us through these major upgrades and all the new players that have joined us along the way. With that, we’re excited to move into the holiday season and celebrate with all of you, our wonderful players!


The holiday cheer is arriving in KARDS with special holiday themed music and battlefield snow that will last throughout the holiday season. Coming up we have some special daily gifts from the KARDS team for everyone to enjoy!

🎁 Daily Holiday Gifts 🎁

Celebrate the winter holidays with KARDS and enjoy daily holiday gifts from the KARDS team!


Between December 22nd and the 31st, you’ll be able to claim your daily free gift in the in-game shop or with your first win of the day. The gifts include temporary seasonal cosmetic items, card packs, wildcards, gold and more. Make sure to log in every day to claim all your holiday gifts!

⚔ Double Skirmish Holiday ⚔

During the holiday season, we will have two skirmishes for you to enjoy with special rulesets!


Join us during the weekend of December 22nd to the 24th, as well as December 29th to the 31st, to enjoy the holiday Skirmish fun and earn your first win reward. Keep an eye out on the latest news for more details on the upcoming Skirmishes!


🎄 Special Shop Offers 🎄

We’re thrilled to bring you some extra exciting offers in the in-game shop for the holiday season!


Make sure to check the shop regularly for the latest holiday offers at lucrative discounts. 


We hope you all enjoy this year’s winter holidays in KARDS and have a great end of year 2023.


Happy holidays and merry KARDSMAS from the KARDS team!