Uprising - The KARDS: Legions expansion is live now!

almost 3 years ago

We are delighted to announce the arrival of KARDS Legions: Uprising on September 9th.

Uprising, the latest update to KARDS reinforces the Legions set with a total of 53 brand-new cards (21 unique). All major nations receive reinforcements of three new cards (one Elite, one Special, and one Standard rarity), the ally nation Poland is strengthened with six new cards.

Legions: Uprising - New cards for you

The new cards' primary focus is developing and expanding the Legions theme, adding more strategic and tactical options to your arsenal.

Exciting new Intel and Exile interactions allow you to explore this side of the card set and help you surprise your enemies, leading to diverse and exciting battles.

As with all cards in KARDS, the new Uprising cards are inspired by real WW2 history in terms of gameplay and visual artwork.


Britain gets three new cards that strengthen some of their current mid-range deck themes and help create new deck options.

The Inniskilling Fusilier, for example, could be used in existing Commando decks; they also support Polish intel cards with their unique ability.

Overrun also strengthens already existing synergies (such as Naval Support) and opens new opportunities.

Perhaps the most intriguing new card for the British is the Churchill Mk III AVRE, whose deployment ability retreats all enemy ground units.


Germany gets some attractive new mid-range options with Uprising and strengthens Alpine-based decks as a particular feature.

With standard rarity and cost of 1, the new Through the Breach card fits the German theme of fast warfare and helps to deal with more control-based decks.

New tactical options for Alpine decks arrive with the new Gebirgs-Pionier unit. Having the Alpine keywords already supports Alpine decks; additionally, this unit gives you 1 additional Kredit at the start of your turn.

As the new Elite card, the Germans get Envelop, a countermeasure of cost 3. This countermeasure destroys all units in the frontline when the enemy moves a unit into it. Very powerful!


Japan expands its arsenal of tactical options with three new cards - there is something for everyone.

The New Doctrine removes the restriction on cards that prevented them from attacking the enemy HQ. When used at the right moment, this can lead to devastating attacks.

Matsue Regiment expands the Discard theme for Japan with a powerful twist. Matsue receives as much additional attack as the discarded card costs. This could lead to powerful units early on. Watch out!

The new Japanese Elite order Banzai is one of the most iconic cards. A powerful addition to control decks, this card is maybe precisely what your deck was missing!

Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is reinforced with three new cards that support various playstyles and offer interesting new tactics.

As a new standard Soviet card, the 173rd Guard Rifles are cheap and fast, yet they can be powerful due to their unique ability. An excellent supplement for Soviet token decks!

The new 175th Motorized of Special rarity is a feast for tank-lovers! While the stats of the 175th are already decent, it starts to really shine with its special ability to lower the deployment costs of tanks (at maximum down to 1).

Upgrade, the new Soviet Elite card, is an excellent boost to Soviet-based Control decks. Upgrade does precisely what it says; it upgrades an existing tank by replacing it with a tank of the same nation that costs 3 more. We might see some exciting new combos combined with other new cards in Uprising and the current set.


The USA receive reinforcements for their mid-range and control themed decks with three new cards in Uprising.

The 2nd California Infantry has the interesting effect that all incoming damage to this unit will be reduced to 1. Quite the beast!

The Red Devils are also tough to deal with, just like their historical counterparts. It costs the enemy one more Kredit to attack or target this unit. Especially early on, this can make a significant difference!

And for lovers of Ramp games, a special treat arrives in the form of the new US Elite order Mass Deployment: Add 3 US units to your support line with their total cost equal to your kredit slots. If you survive long enough, you can get big units!


Legions: Uprising considerably strengthens Poland with a total of six unique new cards, bringing it on par with the other ally nations, France and Italy.

Some of the new cards strengthen the mid-range game; others specifically expand the Intel and Exile gameplay.

True to its historical origins, the 74th Silesian Regiment slows down the enemy when moving into the frontline by pinning him down.

The new Hurricane PL (British Exile) offers new synergies as it strengthens other Exile units on deployment.

As the third Polish unit card in Uprising, we see the M4 Sherman PL (US Exile) with the thrilling ability to operate for free and a +2 attack buff if you have played an Intel card that turn.

ORP Orzel and Hel as new Polish orders expand the Intel gameplay. While ORP Orzel increases the costs of a known card in the enemy hand, Hel strengthens all Legions on the board by adding a special ability to them.

Finally, we have the Uprising order referring to the Warsaw Uprising, the single most extensive military effort any European resistance movement took during World War II. In KARDS, this order damages the target unit and all other enemy units equal to the number of destroyed Legions in this battle.

Bunker Chat “Legions: Uprising” Special Edition

To give you further exciting background information and thrilling titbits on Legions: Uprising, we have a special edition of our famous Bunker Chat ready for you.

Tune in and join the KARDS developers as they go over the design of Legions: Uprising, reveal historical info about the new cards, and have one or another hint about the future development of KARDS.


How you get your Uprising cards

KARDS is entirely free to play and stays like this. You can obtain the new Legions cards in multiple ways from September 9th onwards:

  1. Purchase the Uprising bundle to get all new cards in one go. The entire bundle is available for real money ($19.95) or in-game currency (250 Gold).

  2. Use your wildcards to create the card(s) you want.

  3. Open new Legions packs. Uprising is part of the Legions set; therefore, all new Legions packs can contain the new Uprising cards.

You decide what best fits your style!

We hope you enjoy the new Legions: Uprising expansion and the many new thrilling decks and tactics that are now possible with Uprising.