KARDS Mobile Release: June 6th!

11 months ago

Hello everyone!

We are incredibly excited to share with you the official release date for KARDS mobile!

💥 D-Day: June 6th! 💥

On June 6th in 1944 allied forces arrived on the beaches of Normandy to commence the liberation of France. This largest seaborne invasion in history became known as D-Day. On this historic day, KARDS will achieve one of its most significant milestones in its history, releasing KARDS mobile!

Developing the mobile version of KARDS has had its share of thrilling twists and turns. Don’t miss our upcoming podcast, where Community Manager Elín and host Christo are joined by Mobile Development Lead Tuomas to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the mobile development journey.


Following the mobile release, KARDS will be available on Android through the Google Play Store, on iOS through the Apple App Store, as well as existing PC platforms: Steam, Epic Games, Stove, and the native KARDS launcher.

Cross Platform Play

Access your KARDS account from anywhere at any time!

You can use the same account to play KARDS on PC or mobile devices. To do this, you'll need to create a KARDS Account inside the game client on the platform you currently play on. After you've entered your email and set a password for your KARDS Account, you'll be able to use those credentials to log into your KARDS Account on both PC and mobile devices, progressing on the same player profile no matter which device you're connecting from. We'll communicate more details about the specifics of this process as we move closer to the mobile release date.

If you participated in our second mobile beta and created a KARDS Account during that time, then you already have a KARDS Account and will be able to log in to KARDS on your mobile device using those credentials. If you've since forgotten your password, don't worry - we'll have a simple automated process for you to reset your password.

You’ll also be able to play with other KARDS players regardless of which platform you, or they, are connecting from!

Save the Date!

Make sure to mark this date in your calendar! We’ll have some special things for you around the mobile release that you don’t want to miss!