KARDS Anniversary Celebrations

almost 3 years ago

On April 15th, 2021, KARDS turns 1 year old - hooray!

KARDS has come a long way from its first release (and before that, closed and open alpha/beta testing) until now. Even though a year is a long time and despite having evolved KARDS quite a lot with several expansions, tournaments, and great additions, we are still at the very beginning of the journey. There is so much more to come!

To celebrate this fantastic event together, we have free gifts and great events ready for you. Join in and have fun!

Here are the main goodies for you:

  • A new DLC with card packs from all major expansions and draft tickets, free for the anniversary!

  • Double XP anniversary celebration from 15th to 18th of April

  • A unique 1st-anniversary card back

We are proud and thankful for having such a great player community with us on all levels. Now it is time to give back double and extra!

Onto the many next years to come!


We kick off the celebrations on April 15th to release a new DLC free for you during the anniversary celebrations.

The 1 Year Anniversary Edition contains the best from the first year of KARDS: Officer Packs from all major releases, draft tickets, and a unique card back.

  • 1 Officer Pack - Base Set, containing 7 cards from the Base set

  • 1 Officer Pack - Allegiance Set, containing 7 cards from the Allegiance set

  • 1 Officer Pack - Breakthrough Set, containing 7 cards from the Breakthrough set

  • 2 Draft tickets, allowing you to compete in draft mode and earn great rewards

Double XP during the anniversary

First of its kind, we give you double experience points on the national progression system during the anniversary weekend.

All experience points you earn between April 15th (UTC) and the end of April 18th will be doubled! This allows you to collect rewards from the national progression system twice as fast.

The national progression rewards span a total of 250 levels and include gold, wildcards, random cards of any rarity, card packs, and more!

Use this chance to buff your account with lots of free rewards.

Unique 1st anniversary card back

As a special gift and to celebrate the fantastic KARDS community, we have a unique 1st-anniversary card back ready for you as part of the Anniversary DLC.

This card back is available for free only for players that are playing KARDS between April 15th and 18th. Once the celebration period is over, this card back cannot be acquired for free anymore.

Log into KARDS, claim the DLC and this unique card back right away for free.