Covert Operations: Mastering Countermeasures

8 days ago

KARDS, the World War II card game, continues to evolve with our Covert Operations expansion. Covert Operations will add  87 new cards and completely new game mechanics on June 11.Germany receives 15 new cards (3 Elite, 3 Special, 4 Limited, 5 Standard) and Pre-sales are still open with a 20% discount. Additionally, we will have new Battle Ready decks available on the release!

The Covert Operations expansion will introduce an exciting update for Germany with  enhancements to Countermeasures. This change aims to revitalize Countermeasure decks with new tools, by transforming their strategy from a reactive to a more proactive playstyle. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of the new Countermeasures, explore their impact on gameplay, and provide strategic insights to help you dominate the battlefield with Germany's newfound strength.

Understanding Countermeasures

The new German Countermeasures are designed to inject a dynamic, aggressive edge into the German Countermeasure decks. Traditionally, Countermeasure decks relied heavily on reacting to opponents' moves, which often resulted in prolonged, drawn-out games. The new Countermeasures cards, however, enable players to anticipate and preempt enemy actions, allowing for a more decisive and engaging style of play.

Strategic Insights

To master the new Countermeasures deck archetype, consider the following strategic principles:

Anticipation and Timing

Effective use of Countermeasures relies on anticipating your opponent’s moves and timing your disruptions accordingly. Better tempo-tools countermeasure decks receive this expansion are as follow:

Maintaining Pressure

Keep the pressure on your opponent by consistently disrupting their strategies and attacking their weak points. Utilize your versatile units and orders to exploit openings and maintain control of the battlefield.

Key Cards

A Bridge too Far - Allows you to add a Panzer III-J to the frontline, if possible, otherwise destroy all enemy units there, at the end of your opponent's turn.

Sturm Brigade Rhodos - If this card is in your hand, this unit costs 2 less each time your countermeasure triggers countermeasure triggers.


Remain flexible in your approach. The new German Countermeasures provide tools for various scenarios, so be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the evolving state of play. Whether it's an aggressive push or a tactical retreat, adaptability is crucial for success.


The addition of the new German Countermeasures marks a significant evolution for Germany in KARDS. By shifting from a reactive to a proactive playstyle with countermeasures, this offers players the tools to dominate the battlefield with anticipation, disruption, and relentless pressure. As you incorporate Countermeasures into your German deck, remember to balance aggression with strategic foresight, ensuring your path to victory is both swift and decisive. Embrace the might of Germany’s Countermeasures and lead your forces to unparalleled triumph in KARDS!