OCC: Ultimate Broadcast - May 6th and 7th!

11 months ago

Attention KARDS players!

It’s time for the most EPIC broadcast event so far this year - the OCC: Ultimate!

Over the course of the last 3 months, the most dedicated and skilled KARDS players in the world have battled in OCC: Clash tournaments to collect points to earn a qualification for the OCC: Ultimate tournament.

The OCC: Ultimate features a 3000 USD prize pool - every player who has made it to the top 8 earns at least 125 USD for their efforts, with the winner taking home a whopping 1000 USD.

Who will win: Head, 金轮会怎么做 (Jinlun), Berto Burrito, Noein5, Jking7, UwU_Moi, Leo or 老虎不发猫 (Tiger)?

OCC: Ultimate Broadcast

The OCC: Ultimate quarter finals games will be broadcast on Saturday, May 6th at 13:00 GMT, with the semi finals and grand finals broadcast on Sunday, May 7th at 13:00 GMT. As always, our expert analysts will be there to break down all the action throughout the weekend.

Make sure to follow KARDS on Twitch and tune in for the broadcasts, as we’ll have giveaways going throughout the broadcast with card packs, draft tickets, and more!


Type ULTIMATE into the Twitch chat during the broadcasts on May 6th and 7th to enter the giveaway!

The OCC: Ultimate is a highly competitive event, where players must showcase their skills and strategic thinking to come out on top. All games in the OCC: Ultimate are best-of-five series played in conquest format. Each player brings 4 decks from different main nations, and can ban one of the opponent’s decks in each matchup. Deck lists are open - type !decks into the Twitch chat to bring up deck lists for the OCC: Ultimate players, including the deck import codes that you can use to try them out yourself!

You don’t want to miss this EPIC broadcast event! Join us on Twitch on May 6th and 7th at 13:00 GMT and find out who will become our first OCC: Ultimate Champion!