October Update: The Return of Theaters of War Campaigns

6 months ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming October update! This update will include the return of Theaters of War PvE campaigns, the ability to convert owned cards into gold versions using the gold currency, an update to medkits to include more variations with longer durations, as well as balance updates to 3 cards and of course, a bunch of bug fixes and general improvements. Here, we will go over the new and updated features coming in the October patch, currently slated for release in early October. If you’d like to read more about the card balancing planned for the October update, you can do so here: Card Updates: Harmony.


We are excited to announce a refreshing update to the medkit system!

Medkits will now be available in three different variations. The current 2-hour medkit will be changed to a 24-hour medkit, with two longer variants available at different price points, providing fantastic value for players who would like to maximize the value they get out of their playtime.

The new medkits have the following durations and prices:

  • 1-day (24 hour) medkit: 20 diamonds

  • 3-day (72 hour) medkit: 40 diamonds

  • 7-day (168 hour) medkit: 80 diamonds

Following the update in early October, every existing 2-hour medkit will be automatically converted into a 24-hour medkit. Enjoy the extended XP boost!

Gold Card Conversion

Get ready for a brand new way to acquire gold cards!

Up until this point, players have only been able to acquire gold cards as drops in card packs, or through national progression or end of season rewards. This will change with the October update, giving you the ability to convert cards to gold versions by using the gold currency!

This is the first time that you will be able to choose which specific cards you would like to convert to gold cards. Having only been able to collect non-specific gold cards up until this point through limited avenues, such as the end of season rewards, the ability to convert specific cards into gold cards carries an exclusive price point for those that would like to show off their favorite cards in their gold versions. Note that a gold card functions in exactly the same way as a non-gold card, making this a purely cosmetic conversion. The price of converting a single card varies based on rarity and is as follows:

  • Standard: 100 gold

  • Limited: 200 gold

  • Special: 400 gold

  • Elite: 800 gold

Note that you will need to own a copy of the card to change it into a gold card - so you’ll need to have either received it for example in a card pack or create the card with a wildcard before you can convert it to gold. Changing a card into a gold card will automatically update any decks containing that card to now contain the gold card. If you have multiple copies of that card and convert only 1 to the gold version, then your decks containing at least 1 copy of that card will contain the gold version of that card.

Theaters of War Campaigns

The Theaters of War single player PvE campaigns return to KARDS in the October update!

Dive into the heart of iconic WW2 battles with five unique campaigns:

  • Tunisian Campaign: Relive the intense battles of North Africa as you strategize your way through the arid deserts and rugged terrain.

  • El Alamein Campaign: Rewrite history in the pivotal Battle of El Alamein, where every move could change the course of the war.

  • Battle of Moscow Campaign: Take command in the freezing depths of the Eastern Front as you lead your troops through the harsh Russian winter.

  • Fall of the Philippines Campaign: Experience the dramatic showdown in the Pacific Theater, where island-hopping tactics are the key to victory.

  • Guadalcanal Campaign: Engage in fierce naval and land battles in the jungles of Guadalcanal, a pivotal moment in the Pacific War.

Complete the Theaters of War campaigns to earn the unique Theaters of War card backs and earn special Theaters of War emotes for completing the campaigns with a perfect score. The Theaters of War campaigns will be available for purchase for 148 diamonds. Access the Theaters of War campaigns from the Play menu, under Campaigns, following their release with the October update.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you the October update with all the features described above. As always, we will also be rolling out a number of bug fixes and other general improvements. Keep an eye on the patch notes for more details.

Join us on Discord and let us know what you think about the upcoming October update!