💥 KARDS Living Roadmap Update 💥

about 2 months ago

Dear KARDS players, friends, and WWII enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to bring you a freshly updated KARDS roadmap!

What is the roadmap?

The roadmap is a regularly updated, high-level overview of the milestones and important events for KARDS: The roadmap contains only the highest level of features.

The roadmap does not display regular game updates and improvements, regular in-game events, official tournaments, and general KARDS refinements. Also not listed on the roadmap are card balance changes, even though they are a vital part of our ongoing work on KARDS.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the exciting things we can look forward to in KARDS in the coming months!

KARDS Living Roadmap

In 2024, we plan on four major releases, two of which (summer and winter) bring you a ton of new cards and mechanics, while the other two (spring and fall) focus on new features, game modes and improvements.

March: Major Release

The March release is our big spring release, which focuses primarily on game improvements and some new features. Last year was a busy one for KARDS, where, among other things, we overhauled the UI, released KARDS on mobile, and brought two major expansions to the game. Throughout these times our focus was primarily on the bigger picture, making sure that the major points were delivered to our players. We’re looking at the March release as an opportunity to focus on a huge amount of polishing and introducing various smaller, and potentially some slightly larger, frequently requested features to improve players game experiences, as well as a meta shake-up through card balancing and reinforcements arriving from the Reserve pool. Keep an eye out for more details in an upcoming dev blog!

Summer: Major Expansion

A new major expansion is coming to KARDS this summer! Expect this major expansion to be of a similar size as the two major expansions in 2023, including a heap of new cards and new mechanics. Get ready to enjoy a bunch of new content in KARDS this summer!

Fall: Major Release

This fall we bring another major release focusing on new features, game modes and general improvements. We’re thrilled to share more details with you about the upcoming fall release in the coming months!

Winter: Major Expansion

This winter in KARDS, a new major expansion enters the battlefield! Estimated to be a similar size as previous recent major expansions, you can expect a boatload of new cards and mechanics with this expansion. We’re thrilled to bring an exciting strategic shakeup to KARDS next winter!

Winter: World Championship

As always, we are ecstatic to bring another World Championship to you this year, with the qualification process starting in the latter half of the year, culminating in an epic Grand Finals series this December. Keep an eye on the KARDS news feed for updates about this!

This roadmap provides a broad overview of what we have planned for KARDS. We will also bring you many smaller features, improvements and events throughout this period.

The whole team is incredibly excited for what’s ahead and we would love to hear your feedback! Please tell us what you think on the KARDS Discord or in the comments below.