KARDS Skirmish Decklist Event on Discord!

12 months ago

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce the Skirmish Decklist Event on the official KARDS Discord!

What Is It?

The Skirmish Decklist event is a special, community-driven event where avid deck builders can get the chance to see their deck featured in-game in an upcoming Skirmish and win some prizes! You can also vote for your favorite decklists that you’d like to see featured in-game.

Build your deck and submit it in the #skirmish-decklist-event channel on the official KARDS Discord server to join the fun! The decklist contest is open for submissions and voting until Tuesday, August 8th at 11:00 GMT.

How Do I Join?

To submit your deck list and join the decklist event, please do the following:

  • Join the official KARDS Discord here!

  • Create your deck in-game. When it’s ready, copy the deck into your clipboard.

  • Navigate to the #skirmish-decklist-event channel.

  • Create a new post to submit your decklist. Paste your deck into your post and make sure to include a short description of your deck and how to play it.

  • Submit your post and your decklist is submitted!

You can submit as many decklists as you want - just make sure to include a description with each decklist. A decklist must be valid and include a description for the entry to be considered a valid submission. A good description of the deck helps your fellow players to understand the deck and how to play it, which could also help with the community voting of your deck. Please note that each player is considered only once for the possibility of receiving prizes - entering multiple decklists will not increase your chances of winning one of the prizes.

Voting and Prizes

To vote on a decklist, click on the post you want to vote on and add a :thumbsup: reaction. Note that only the thumbsup emote will be counted as a vote.

Prizes for this event are as follows:

  • The 5 submissions with the highest number of thumbsup reactions receive 3 standard Brothers in Arms packs and 100 diamonds!

  • 10 submissions will be selected at random to receive 2 standard Brothers in Arms packs!

Additionally, some of the decks submitted will be selected by 1939 Games to be featured in an upcoming Skirmish event!

The KARDS Skirmish Decklist Event is open for submissions and voting until August 8th at 11:00 GMT! Join now, submit the decks you want to see featured in a Skirmish and vote for what you’d like to play!