Spring Release: Battle Ready Decks On the Way

11 days ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to share with you more details about the upcoming Spring Release!

In this dev blog, we’ll review one of the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March: battle ready decks.

Stay tuned for more dev blogs about the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March.

Battle Ready Decks

Battle ready decks, previously known as pre-built decks, are returning to KARDS!

What Are Battle Ready Decks?

Battle ready decks are hand-built by KARDS’s game designers. These decks can either be earned through national progression, or purchased through the in-game shop.

Once you’ve earned or purchased a deck, you’ll always be able to create the deck list from the “Battle Ready Decks” menu (previously pre-built decks menu) in the deck creation screen. Gain information about the deck through the deck creation interface, including a full interactable list of cards in the deck, and a description of the key points of the deck.

Whether earned or purchased, battle ready decks can be incredibly useful for players just starting out in KARDS, players who want to jump straight onto the battlefield, and those who prefer to spend their time tweaking decks as opposed to building them from the ground up.

Earned Decks

The earned lists are the same ones you may know as the pre-built starter and level 12 decks. As such, there are currently 10 decks that can be earned through national progression - one for each nation after completing each starter campaign, and one for each nation once level 12 in the respective nation is reached.

The earned lists may be familiar, but their presence on the national progress line has been enhanced, with each deck now presented in a unique and exciting card container!

Purchased Decks

With the Spring Release, several battle ready decks arrive that can be purchased with diamonds from the in-game shop. Each of the purchasable decks falls into a popular current archetype and provides significant value through the cards it contains, as well as its composition.

In this initial introduction, we’ll be bringing two primary types of decks at different price points, one type which will be available for 200 diamonds, and the other available for 350 diamonds.

The 200 Diamond decks contain about 2 Elite cards, 4-6 Special cards, and a mix of Limited and Standard cards. These are excellent decks to kickstart your journey to the top, and may benefit from a bit of tweaking to best fit your playstyle and maximize their effectiveness.

The 350 Diamond decks include around 4-5 Elite cards and up to 8 Specials, and a mix of Limited and Standard cards. These are powerful decks designed to hit the ground running and support you in climbing the ladder to the top ranks.

Purchased decks will be available as part of regular shop rotation, and may be featured in limited-time bundles.

Note that any cards in purchased battle ready decks will not move to the reserve pool for an extended period after their purchase. A deck will be removed from the shop rotation months before any cards in it may move into the Reserve pool.

When Will the Battle Ready Decks Arrive?

The new battle ready decks arrive with the Spring Release in the latter part of March. You can also expect to see more battle ready decks added to the shop rotation in the coming months.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you the Spring Release with all the thrilling things it will bring. Make sure to keep an eye out on the KARDS newsfeed for the full patch notes for the Spring Release later this month!