Spring Release: Friends Panel Enhancements Coming

4 months ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to share with you more details about the upcoming Spring Release!

In this dev blog, we’ll review one of the main features arriving with the Spring Release: friends panel enhancements.

Stay tuned for more dev blogs about the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March.

Friends Panel Enhancements

The friends panel is one we will be bringing the first of many updates to in the upcoming Spring Release. We feel that at the moment, there isn’t much encouragement for players to interact with one another in the game and build in-game connections with fellow KARDS players. This is something we are prioritizing over the course of the next several months and are bringing the first steps on this path in this Spring Release.

Last Played Opponents

We’re excited to bring more opportunities for you to interact with your opponents in the upcoming release. Going forward, you’ll be able to see the last opponents that you played with in your friends panel. The last 3 opponents you played against will be listed in the friends panel, and from this list you’ll be able to send them a friend request, and/or copy the deck they played against you with.

Copy Opponent’s Deck

Many players have found themselves facing an incredibly powerful or particularly entertaining deck, wondering what secret spices make up their opponent’s deck and how they can achieve similar results. The ability to copy an opponent’s deck is a significant new feature which will bring some KARDS players closer to the answer to that question.

Going forward, you’ll be able to copy any deck from an opponent who plays against you. Copying an opponent’s deck works in the exact same way as you copy your own deck code from the game, where you’ll be able to directly import it into a new, free deck slot in your own library, or paste it into a text document to get the full breakdown of what’s in the deck.

Note that you’ll only have access to your opponent’s deck after the battle - you won’t be able to copy an opponent’s deck at the start of a battle, for example. You’ll only be able to copy a deck from the last 3 opponents you faced, and only the deck that you fought against. You’ll also need to own every copy of every card in the opponent’s deck in order to be able to bring it to battle yourself.

Copying a deck from an opponent is only part of the battle. While this can give great insight into the opponent’s strategy, it’ll be up to the deck copier to figure out how best to play the deck to see success and lead their forces to victory!

We see the new ability to copy an opponent’s deck as an accessible way for many players who struggle with building a deck from the ground up and have difficulty with finding decks on the KARDS deck builder website to seek inspiration from the community directly through the game client. 

These friends panel changes are the first of many we hope to introduce in the coming months to improve the overall experience of players in interacting and engaging with one another through the game client. We’re thrilled to keep working with the community to enhance in-game opportunities for interactions and engagement and are looking forward to hearing your feedback about these changes, as well as sharing with you more about what we have in store for the future in the coming months. 

We’d also like to note that the possibility to send an invite to a friend out-of-game was recently added to the game. Simply navigate to the Friends panel on the top-right corner of the game’s main screen and click the “Invite Friend” button on the bottom of the panel to forward an invite to one of your friends out-of-game.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you the Spring Release with all the thrilling things it will bring. Make sure to keep an eye out on the KARDS newsfeed for the full patch notes for the Spring Release later this month!