The New and Improved Crate

4 months ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to share with you details about the new and improved crate mechanic, which we have mentioned previously as part of our Winter War expansion announcement. The crate mechanic is one we’ve been looking to improve for some time, in particular after introducing duplicate protection, making the process of filling up your crate slow and unfulfilling.

Some of the key features of the new crate:

  • Tiered crate rewards.

  • Open your crate every week.

  • Earn bigger rewards with a higher tier crate.

  • Play to level up your crate to higher tiers by gaining national progression levels, opening card packs, recycling owned cards, or getting surplus cards (card duplicates).

The brand new crate will go live alongside the Winter War expansion on November 29th. Read on for all the details!

The Weekly Crate

The new crate can now be opened every week, with each crate period lasting from Wednesday to the following Wednesday. When the crate period is up, reap the rewards of your hard work in the past week and open your crate to claim your goodies!

Your crate will be available for claiming at your convenience once the crate timer is up. Once a new week starts, your progress will start to count towards next week’s crate - so if you wait a day or two to claim your crate, your progress will not be lost. Make sure not to wait too long though, as if you don’t claim the previous crate when the new week ends, then the worse of the two crates is discarded to make room for a new crate. Make sure to log in every week and claim your crate to maximize your rewards!

Your crate will be conveniently accessible on the home screen of the game, where you can view your current crate progress and open an available crate.

Crate Tiers and Rewards

The new crate comes with five tiers, each containing bigger rewards. A tier 1 crate is the base crate level which you’ll be able to claim every week. Tier 5 is the maximum crate level, which comes with some thrilling rewards.

  • Tier 1: 1 standard wildcard and 30 gold

  • Tier 2: 2 standard wildcards, 2 random standard gold cards, and 80 gold

  • Tier 3: 1 limited wildcard, 2 standard wildcards, 2 random limited gold cards, and 150 gold

  • Tier 4: 1 special wildcard, 1 limited wildcard, 1 random special gold card, 2 random limited gold cards, and 250 gold

  • Tier 5: 1 elite wildcard, 1 special wildcard, 1 limited wildcard, 2 random special gold cards, and 350 gold

Progress towards the next crate tier is gained by doing the following:

  • Gaining a national level

  • Opening card packs

  • Recycling cards you own that are in the Reserve pool

  • Gaining surplus cards (duplicates)

Each of these events adds different amounts of progress to your crate. There is also some difference within each of these events. For example, recycling an elite card provides more crate progress than a standard card, opening an Officer packs gives twice the amount of progress as opening a standard card pack, and gaining a higher national level provides more progress than a lower national level, as it takes longer to achieve a higher national level.

Note that as we introduce this new crate mechanic, players will no longer get wildcards for opening a specific number of card packs, as players now get points into the new crate system simply through opening packs. You will still receive the next guaranteed wildcard you can see in the pack opening interface.

Existing Crates

As we move into the new crate system, we simultaneously retire the old crate system. Many may be wondering - what will happen to existing crate progress?

Any existing crate progress will be resolved automatically as we convert into the new system. That is, your crates will be automatically opened for you and the contents added to your account. For every full (100%) crate that a player has, a full crate of content will be added to your account: 1 elite wildcard, 1 special wildcard, 3 limited wildcards, 4 standard wildcards, 1 draft ticket, 1 limited gold card and 3 standard gold cards. Any incomplete crates will be resolved based on a point system, giving a player a portion of crate rewards based on how high their percentage is. For example, if a player has 135% crate fullness, they will receive one complete crate, and 35% of another crate - with the exact contents of those 35% being based on the point system. Rest assured that every crate percentage will be resolved and players fairly compensated during this transition.

We are incredibly excited to move into a new chapter with the overhauled crate system. Join us on Discord and let us know what you think!