Unveiling Covert Operations

2 months ago

A new dawn approaches in the world of KARDS. Brace yourselves, card warriors, for the arrival of Covert Operations! Set to go live on June 11th, this expansion heralds a thrilling era of espionage, countermeasures, and retribution. Arriving this summer are 87 new cards, 2 new keywords, and several additional thrilling themes set to redefine the battlefield. With 96 cards shifting to the reserve pool and 24 reservists marching back onto the active duty roster, the stage is set for unprecedented tactical warfare.

A Sneak Peek into Covert Mechanics

Central to the Covert Operations expansion are two game-changing mechanics: Covert and Develop. These mechanics add layers of strategic depth, inviting players to outmaneuver their opponents through cunning tactics and calculated risks.


Units with Covert are deployed face down onto the battlefield and cannot be affected by orders, countermeasures or unit abilities. Can operate for 1 kredit. Is revealed on attack or attacked.


Choose 1 of 3 cards randomly chosen from the specified pool and add it to your hand.

Nation Spotlight: Discover New Tactics Every Tuesday

In the weeks leading up to the launch of Covert Operations, prepare to delve deeper into each nation's arsenal. Every Tuesday, our blogs will shine a spotlight on a different nation, unveiling the new cards that Covert Operations brings to the table. From the Axis powers to the Allied forces, explore a diverse array of strategies and tactics that will shape the future of KARDS warfare.

Daily Card Reveals: Uncover Secrets on Discord and Socials

We'll have daily reveals for you throughout the spoiler season and until the expansion launch on June 11th! Join us on Discord and across social platforms to make sure you don't miss a thing.


Card Reveals


A British order of Limited rarity, COMMANDO RAID costs 3 Kredits to play. Play it to pin a unit, and add a No. 10 COMMANDO to your support line.


A British order of Special rarity, BAKER STREET IRREGULARS cost 1 Kredit to play, and has the effect to develop a British special force unit. If you control a British Commando, also Develop a British order.


The HMS TALBOT is an Elite rarity British countermeasure. It costs 1 Kredit to activate and, when activated, if your hQ is about to receive lethal damage, give it +6 defense first.


STURM-BRIGADE RHODOS is a German infantry unit of Standard rarity with 7 attack and 7 defense. It costs 7 Kredits to play, 1 Kredit to operate, and has the effect that if the unit is in your hand, it costs 2 less each time your countermeasure triggers.


A German countermeasure of Standard rarity, FOILED PLANS costs 1 Kredit to activate, and has the effect that when the enemy gives an order, deal damage to the enemy HQ equal to its cost.


96. INFANTRY REGIMENT is an Elite rarity German infantry unit with 4 attack and 4 defense. It costs 2 Kredits to play, 1 Kredit to operate, has Blitz, and the effect that when you deploy another unit, destroy this unit.


A Soviet infantry unit of limited rarity, the 38th GUARD RIFLES costs 3 Kredits to play and 1 Kredit to operate. It has 3 attack, 4 defense, and has the Covert keyword. Once revealed, add a T-34 1942 to your support line if the unit was Covert for 3 or more turns.


COVERT OPERATION is a Soviet Order of Standard rarity that costs 4 Kredits to play. When played, add the top Covert unit of your deck to your support line.


A US Fighter of Special rarity, the GRUMMAN GOOSE costs 3 Kredits to play and 1 Kredit to operate. It has 2 attack, 3 defense, has the Covert keyword and, on Reveal, when a friendly unit damages the enemy HQ this turn, draw a card.


BOMBER MAFIA is a US order of Special rarity that costs 2 Kredits to play. Once played, Develop a US bomber. Deal 2 damage to all enemies if you have 6 or more unspent Kredits.


A US order of standard rarity, AMERICA AT WAR costs 3 kredits to play. When played, gain an extra Kredit slot, and draw a card if you have 2 or more unspent Kredits.


5th REGIMENT is a Japanese infantry unit of standard rarity that costs 4 Kredits to play and 0 Kredits to operate. It has 4 attack, 4 defense, and the effect that when you lose a Kredit slot, this unit gets +2 +2 if on the battlefield or -2 cost if in hand.


AIR, LAND & SEA is a Japanese order of Limited rarity that costs 1 Kredit to play. When played, Develop a card in your deck, and lose a Kredit slot.


A Japanese Bomber of Elite rarity, the E13A JAKE has 2 attack and 3 defense. It costs 3 Kredits to play, 2 Kredits to operate, and has the effect that when you lose a Kredit slot, your units get +1 +1.


The 51E REGIMENT is a French infantry unit of Limited rarity with 2 attack and 3 defense. It costs 3 Kredits to play, 1 Kredit to operate and, on Deployment, Choose One - Gain +3 attack and Blitz OR gain +3 defense and Guard.


The LUBLIN R-XIII is a Polish fighter of Limited rarity unit that costs 3 Kredits to play and 1 Kredit to operate. IT has 2 attack, 3 defense, and the effect that Cards you play have Intel 1. Additionally, on Deployment, reveal target Covert unit.

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Join the Covert Revolution

As the world of KARDS evolves, so too must its warriors. Embrace the challenge of Covert Operations and embark on a journey of intrigue, deception, and redemption. The stage is set, the cards are dealt, and the battlefield awaits. Will you seize victory through covert cunning, or will you fall victim to the retribution of your adversaries? The choice is yours.