Top 5 beginner tips

Kards Academy

Guide to quick progression

Top 5 tips to learn the basics, get better decks and start building your collection efficiently.

Complete all the starter campaigns

After completing the initial US or German training campaigns, you can try out Battle (PVP) directly and/or other parts of the game. However, we recommend completing the Starter campaigns for each of the other main nations early on, as it’s a great way to get to know all the nations as well as collecting a bunch of cards. This will in turn help you improve your starter decks greatly (See tip 2 below).
Alternatively you can just “unlock” the nations you are most interested in playing and leave the others until later, it’s all up to you. 

Improve your starter decks

When you have collected more cards by completing the starter campaigns, many new possibilities open up in terms of improving or completely revamping your starter decks. You can add those powerful special reward cards from the other nations and even switch out the ally nations completely for an ally that suits your deck better. These improved decks will then help you win more games and thus progress faster in general (and of course have more fun crushing the enemy while at it ;).

Collect first week login rewards

Remember to collect your first week daily login rewards every day to collect diamonds, packs, elite cards and much more. This greatly helps you jumpstart your Kards journey.

Do the missions and collect gold for the first win of the day

Don’t forget to check your missions every day and see if they fit the nations and/or decks you are currently playing. Rejecting the ones that don’t suit you at any given time, makes them a more efficient source of gold.

Collect the free pre-built decks in national progression

Each nation gives a new full pre-built deck at level 12. Collecting those for each nation is a very effective way to grow your collection and get fun new deck types to play with. Also check what packs and wildcards you can get quickly via the national progress system.

The final and most important tip: These are just suggestions

Explore the game in a way that suits you and lets you have the most fun!