Announcing KARDS Open XVI!

about 1 year ago

Get ready for some more KARDS Open action as it returns in June with the KARDS Open XVI!



The last KARDS Open had a diverse and competitive pool of players, with Head, TB273, Vinny and Tiger making it to the top 4. After an intense battle, Vinny defeated Tiger and claimed victory in the KARDS Open XV. You can catch up on all the action from the top 4 in the last Open tournament on the KARDS YouTube Channel:

The KARDS Open XVI features the same format as the KARDS Open XV. It will be the last KARDS Open planned for the year, as we shift our focus more towards the OCC and community tournament support. Read more about changes to esports in the latter half of the year here: KARDS Esports Update.

In this upcoming Open tournament, players will have two chances to make it into the top 16 through one of two Swiss Qualifiers held on June 3rd and June 11th.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of the different tournament stages.


Starting Saturday, June 3rd, with the Swiss Qualifiers, you will compete in a best of 3 free-for-all deck format. This means that you can bring any deck you want and play it as many times as you’d like. No deck submissions and no deck restrictions! If you make the Top 8 in this stage, you will advance to stage two.

The second chance Qualifier will be held on Sunday, June 11th. This Swiss bracket is open to any player who has not already made the top cuts. You can maximize your chances of making the top 16 by playing in both qualifiers.


If you finish in the Top 8 from either of the stage one weekends, you will be qualified for the next stage. On Saturday, June 24th, you will compete in the single elimination best of 5 series. This stage does not require deck submission and deck lists remain closed. However, you must win with decks from different main nations. For example, if you winwith a Japan deck, you cannot bring that deck again or any Japan main deck - you’ll have to switch to a different main nation for the next match. If you lose with a Japan deck, you can bring Japan again, even a different Japan deck.


If you’ve made it to the Top 4 on June 24th, you’ve made it to stage three! These final games are played and broadcast LIVE on the KARDS Twitch Channel on June 25th. For this stage of the tournament, you will be required to submit four decks. Deck lists for this stage of the tournament are open. Games are best of 5 series with one ban in conquest format.

For all questions about participating in the Open and all things related to KARDS tournaments, please join the KARDS eSports Discord:


Swiss Qualifiers

  • Compete in one or both qualifier Swiss bracket weekends.

  • Top 8 from each weekend bracket moves on to Top Cuts weekend.

  • Closed deck lists with no deck restrictions! Play whatever you want, whenever you want!

Best of Three Matchups

  • Swiss Bracket with 212 player maximum (8 Swiss rounds)

  • Swiss Qualifier Bracket A June 3rd @ 13:00 GMT

  • Swiss Qualifier Bracket B June 11th @ 16:00 GMT

Top Cuts Weekend

Top 16

  • Deck lists are closed

  • Best of 5 series

  • Must win with different decks from different main nations

  • Top 16 Bracket June 24th @ 13:00 GMT

Top 4

  • Deck lists are open

  • Best of 5 series with 1 ban in Conquest format


  • Top 4 Bracket & Live Stream: June 25th @ 13:00 GMT


The KARDS Open has a prize pool of 1500 USD that is split the following way:

  • 1st: 600 USD

  • 2nd: 450 USD

  • 3rd: 250 USD

  • 4th: 200 USD

  • 5th - 8th: 500 Diamonds and 2000 Gold

  • 9th - 16th: 200 Diamonds and 1000 Gold

  • 17th - 32nd: 1000 Gold

Sign ups are open now!