August Update - Patch Notes

9 months ago

Hello everyone!

Following the announcement of this month’s card balance changes earlier this week, we have deployed these changes on August 28th. Check out the dev blog for all the details about these changes here: Card Updates: Power Control.

This August patch also includes some behind the scenes additions in preparation for the World Championship open in-game qualifiers starting in September, which you can read more about in our announcement article: KARDS 2023 World Championship. This patch also includes numerous bug fixes as well as some small tweaks and other quality of life improvements.

We thank all of our players and the KARDS Community in general for reporting bugs and discussing the game balance. If you want to get involved, join us on Discord!

Card Balance Changes

A total of 3 cards have been updated in this patch.

Ki 45 DRAGON SLAYER (Veteran)


Old: Give your HQ +5 defense. Give +10 and draw a card instead if your HQ has 10 or less defense.

New: Draw a card if your HQ has 10 or less defense. Give your HQ +6 defense.


Old: Deal 1 damage. Your units get +1 +0. The enemy discards a card. Draw a card.

New: Deal 1 damage. Your units get +1 +0. The enemy discards a card.

Bug Fixes


  • The AI could use target Orders and deployment effects on your support line when KING TIGER was located on your battlefield. Fixed.


  • When a 158. NACHSCHUB with 1 (or more) attack destroyed an enemy unit and itself, and it was the first enemy unit destroyed during the turn, 2 Kredits were not added. Fixed.

  • When L6/40 was destroyed through its own attack, retreating friendly 3-inch M5 in support line to hand, upon redeployment, the 3-inch M5 tooltip would incorrectly display -1 attack. Fixed.

  • When GAMBIT was played, after adding the highest cost unit from both players’ hands to the support line, M4A1 was drawn into the enemy's hand if present in enemy’s deck. Fixed.

  • KOKURA’S SWORD destruction ability triggered twice if the next added unit was the 114th INFANTRY REGIMENT. Fixed.

  • KOKURA’S SWORD’s ability was not correctly triggered on spawned unit when it was destroyed while under enemy control through “take control” ability. Fixed.

  • A unit with active pincer from KING’S OWN SCOTTISH was not dealt damage after KING’S OWN SCOTTISH unit was destroyed by AoE Order (e.g. STRATEGIC BOMBING). Fixed.

  • After becoming Veteran, when 179th TOMAHAWKS were sent back to hand and redeployed, it had no Destruction icon. Fixed.

  • Damage to HQ was not reduced by 1 after using IJN SHINANO when the 593rd JASCO was located on the battlefield. Fixed.

  • DESERT RAID did not correctly affect combat between Fighters and Bombers. Fixed.

  • Fixed broken interaction between ROYAL ULSTER RIFLES and RECKLESS ASSAULT.

  • Sometimes, the target of an Order was removed after being played, resulting in no card being targeted. Fixed.

  • Cards in hand were usable during animation after using Order with “shuffle your hand into your deck” ability (e.g. EDGE OF THE EMPIRE). Fixed.

  • The cost of using CROSS OF LORRAINE was not correctly decreased after the “add a card to hand” ability was triggered on an enemy unit in combat. Fixed.

  • JUNGLE WARFARE’s ability was triggered on the enemy side after being used on an enemy unit. Fixed.

  • The destruction ability of a unit was removed after using FORTUNES OF WAR if T-28’s pincer ability was activated. Fixed.

  • Countdown on units with countdown to Veteran transformation (e.g. 14th GUARD RIFLES) was reset after taking control with a card with the “take control” ability. Fixed.

  • When HOLD THE LINE was activated, the enemy using CHASING SHADOWS on your unit would trigger the Countermeasure. Fixed.

  • MATSUMOTO REGIMENT’s ability was triggered after the 179th TOMAHAWKS Veteran unit was destroyed. Fixed.

  • A copied version of ASW PATROL destroyed a random enemy unit after being used if the USA was not your ally. Fixed.

  • In some instances, enemy units would keep buffs after using FORTUNES OF WAR on them. Fixed.

  • PANZER I-B with 0 attack would become Veteran after attacking and dealing 0 damage to enemy HQ. Fixed.

  • After 10th ENGINEERS BATTALION was destroyed, adjacent air units received -2 attack debuff. Fixed.

  • When retreated to hand and redeployed, Ki-45 DRAGON SLAYER would become Veteran again. Fixed.

  • Sometimes, cards with “choose and draw ability” (e.g. PANZER III-H) would result in cards getting stuck on screen. Fixed.

  • STEALTH MISSION ability was removed from a unit when taken control of by the enemy (e.g. by CONFUSION). Fixed.

  • When using gold Order to draw and select 1 of 3 units (e.g. SOUL OF OLD JAPAN), unit added was not gold. Fixed.


  • Newly acquired gold cards did not show up correctly in the Collection menu until after client restart. Fixed.

  • In very large appscale, some text in deck Customize options overlapped title text. Fixed.

  • After using wildcards, the wildcards counter did not always correctly update to reflect accurate number of wildcards. Fixed.

  • When hovering over nation icons in the “Collection Overview” menu, the tooltips displayed would appear behind the menu. Fixed.

  • Tooltip was missing for the Reserved icon in the Collection menu. Fixed.

  • The “Alternative Art” button on a card in the Collection menu was missing after switching to an alternate image and relaunching the client. Fixed.

  • When scrolling down in the Collection menu with the scroll bar, sometimes cards would not be displayed correctly. Fixed.


  • After creating a deck in Draft, when left and right clicking on a card several times in succession, multiple pop-ups would be stacked on top of each other. Fixed.

  • After creating a deck in Draft, when clicking some static elements of the UI, they would unexpectedly jitter. Fixed.

  • After 7 consecutive Draft victories, the gold currency reward icon was missing on the “Draft Result” screen. Fixed.

  • On mobile devices, in a player’s first Draft, a tooltip overlapped nation’s icons when selecting an ally. Fixed.


  • Defeat screen was sometimes shown when the enemy surrendered in Skirmish. Fixed.


  • The button pushing sound was played when pushing a button that was already pushed in. Fixed.


  • Sometimes, a German tutorial pop-up would not correctly disappear after ending the first tutorial battle. Fixed.


  • The crate icon would sometimes disappear after opening a card pack containing duplicate card. Fixed.

  • National progression rewards which contained 2 Standard Wildcards displayed only 1. Fixed.

  • In the national progression, the medkit reward image was displaced out of its intended border. Fixed.

  • Random pack rewards in national progression sometimes displayed the incorrect pack type. Fixed.

  • “Congratulations!” text when reaching Field Marshall was not correctly centered in all languages. Fixed.

  • Sometimes, an incorrect image was displayed for Skirmish reward. Fixed.

  • When playing a game in Casual mode, if the game was relaunched, players ranks were displayed. Fixed.

That’s it for now. As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments below, or on the KARDS Discord.