Live Now: Shop Update

12 months ago

Hello everyone!

The new shop is now live! The release of the new shop marks another major milestone achieved on the KARDS roadmap and is an important part on our journey to modernize the game.

What Has Changed?

With the shop update, we welcome several new features and adjustments both within the shop and some adjacent elements. These changes were announced earlier this month in the dev blog: Coming Soon: Shop Update.

The new shop provides a better focus and overall improved shop experience for our players. The clutter has been removed and replaced with a more streamlined system, presenting a limited number of individual cosmetics and cards for sale at any given time. Read on for all the details!

Daily Free Card

Log in every day to claim your free Standard card from the shop!

Purchase Cards

Two cards will now be available every day for purchase with Diamonds in the shop. Specific days will include Special or Elite rarity cards, with others containing a selection of Standard and Limited cards.

Rotating Cosmetics

The way that cosmetics are presented in the shop has been reworked. You will now see a limited selection of cosmetic items, such as equipment, emotes, alternative card art, card backs and battlefield HQs, available on a rotating basis. You can also expect to see some new, never-before-seen items in this shop rotation soon! Shop offers will be rotated every 2-3 days.

Duplicate Protection

Complete your collection faster with the newly introduced duplicate protection! Duplicate protection includes gold cards and end of season rewards, such as gold Elite cards.

Note that duplicate protection does not affect rarity distribution within packs, so if you have a fully completed collection of cards of a certain rarity you will start to receive duplicates in that rarity (e.g. if all Standard cards have been collected you will start getting Standard duplicates).

Pack Changes

Among the changes we make to the shop, we’ve also made some changes to drop rates in card packs. We’ve analyzed drop rates in both Base and Officer packs and have found that in Base packs, Special cards had a smaller weight than we wanted to see compared to the overall card pool. Therefore we’ve increased their drop rate in Base packs at the expense of Limited and Elite cards.

We’ve also further differentiated between Base and Officer packs by increasing the drop rates of wildcards and gold cards in Officer packs while removing them from Base packs, where their drop rates were already low. Along with these changes, we adjust the Gold prices on Officer packs to 330 Gold. Diamond prices remain the same and there is no change to the price of Base packs.

Reward Changes

Another part of this shop update is the removal of the Gold for every 3rd win. This mechanic was part of an outdated reward system which we have since replaced with the national progression system, the new daily free card, as well as providing significant value for our players through the new duplicate protection system. You’ll still be able to collect your Gold rewards for the first win of the day, daily missions, as well as Draft rewards.

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding these changes since announcing them earlier this month, for which we are incredibly grateful! We’ve been actively reading your feedback and considering possibilities, especially with consideration of our veteran players.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new shop, we also have several bug fixes and improvements to the game included in this patch. Thank you for reporting the issues you locate in the game and providing us with your feedback!

AI Bugs

  • Fixed issue where the cost for using added Order in hand was not increased by +2 when BLACK WATCH unit is located on enemy battlefield.

  • Fixed issue where the 158. NACHSCHUB unit ability triggered only one time for the battle.

  • Fixed issue where M8 GREYHOUND unit buff was not removed from enemy unit after they were moved to the frontline.

  • Fixed issue where incorrect card was drawn from the deck after enemy MARDER III H unit ability was triggered.

  • Fixed issue where the CHAR B1 BIS unit ability was triggered after destruction by enemy Order.

  • Fixed issue with 37mm ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN where enemy air units with the Deployment effect “deal damage” got a permanent -2 operation cost buff.

  • Fixed issue where the cost of deploying Exile cards from hand was not increased by 1 after the PZL P.11 unit was destroyed by AI.

  • Fixed issue where a friendly Alpine unit could move and attack the next turn after enemy destroying OBICE DA 75/13 unit.

  • Fixed issue where SENDAI REGIMENT unit being destroyed while under enemy control by MINORITY RECRUITS Order would lead to unit being returned to the wrong location.

  • Fixed issue where “adjacent ground units have the + attack” ability of units added by SEABORNE INVASION was not correctly triggered.

  • Fixed issue where AI would not use the URA! Order as intended.

  • Fixed issue where enemy unit drawn from the PROMOTION order got a +2 +2 buff after being returned to the hand and redeployed.

Card Bugs

  • Fixed issue where Destruction effect on enemy unit was triggered twice when two 37mm BOFORS GUN units were located on the battlefield.

  • Fixed issue where unit buffed by NEW DOCTRINE order could not attack the enemy HQ after NARA REGIMENT unit was destroyed.

  • Fixed issue where gear icon did not turn after KATYUSHA unit ability was triggered.

  • Fixed issue where two different animations were shown after using the MEDITERRANEAN RAID Order.

  • Fixed issue where enemy infantry got +2 attack after control was taken by CONFUSION Order when the TYPE 97 CHI-HA unit was on the enemy battlefield and returned from control.

  • Fixed issue where SPITFIRE MK II attack bonus was sometimes not given.

  • Fixed issue where ZAZA DIVISION unit ability was not triggered after attacking an enemy unit.

  • Fixed issue where COMMANDOS KIEFFER unit ability was triggered on a previously destroyed enemy unit.

  • Fixed issue where HQ destruction animation was not shown after using card with the “deal damage to all” ability (e.g. WINTER OFFENSIVE or WINTER WARFARE).

  • Fixed issue where the PATTON Order ability was not triggered after using Order with the “add unit to your hand” ability, when no other units were in your hand.

Campaign Bugs

  • Fixed issue in Theaters of War US campaign mission #4 where Smokescreen ability was not removed from HQ after the F4F-4 WILDCAT unit was destroyed by AI.

Deck and Collection Bugs

  • Fixed issue where creating unowned card in deck builder did not update appearance (was still greyed out).

  • Fixed issue where “Reserved Card” pop-up was shown when hovering over the bottom-right corner of a deck.

  • Fixed issue where FIREWALL card did not work in deck codes.

  • Fixed issue where deck was shown in the right area in the Cards tab after being deleted.

  • Fixed issue where Theaters of War and World at War sets were missing from Collection Overview.

  • Fixed issue with indicator of new cards being displayed on the cards and collection button after viewing all the new received cards.

Localization Bugs

  • Fixed several translation errors. Thank you for reporting them!

Visual Bugs

  • Fixed issue where pack image for season reward was not correctly shown before claiming.

  • Fixed issue where images for level 12 pre-made decks were incorrect.

  • Fixed issue with missing texture on “High Command” daily mission image.

  • Fixed issue where Skirmish rules and text were repeated in the Skirmish interface.

That’s it for now. As always, we welcome your feedback! Please join us on the KARDS Discord and let us know what you think.