Revamping the Progression Systems in KARDS

about 3 years ago

This major KARDS update delivers three fundamentally new systems that add, each on their own, a wealth of new progression options:

  • New Wildcards

  • New National Progression System

  • New Seasonal Ladder and rank revamp

The result of this revamp? You are much more in control now and can get good, competitive decks much faster! Additionally, PVE games count towards your new progression as well.

There is a lot more to it. Check out the dev blogs about the new National Progression, Wildcards, and the new seasonal ladder.

A new National Progression system

This new system replaces the old achievements and gives you a reward track for each respective nation. Playing a nation will now yield faster and more consistent rewards, advancing the nation's progression path each match, including PvE!

In the new system, you will be earning rewards more consistently than before, and the rewards are more focused on the nation you are playing. This means how you decide to spend your time in the game decides your progression.

Wildcards: A new way to create cards

Wildcards are cards you can get from packs and by other means that can be used to create any specific card of the same rarity level as the wildcard used.

The new wildcards replace the current system of resources. In the new system, you use wildcards to create your new cards. This allows you to progress much faster in a nation you are focusing on; it also allows us to be much more generous with nation-specific rewards. Gold cards will become prestige items.

New Ranks and Seasonal Ladder

The new ladder features a unified system as we drop the nation-specific aspect of it. Whenever you win matches, you will gain a star in this new ladder regardless of the nation you have played.

In the new KARDS ecosystem, the national progression system is the main driver of your collection, while ranked play drives your status through prestige and cosmetics.