Covert Operations : Summer expansion patch notes

3 days ago

Covert Operations, the KARDS Summer expansion, arrived on June 11, 2024, and heralds a thrilling new era on the battlefield.


Covert Operations revolves around the intricacy of covert operations and the (hidden) development of your military forces. This release delivers 87 brand new cards, two exciting new abilities, new game mechanics, card  balance changes, and selected cards returning from the reserve pool to active duty.


Let’s dig into the details!

New Features and Improvements

Covert Operations Main Features

●     87 brand new cards have been added to the game. 15 cards for each major nation and 3 cards for each ally nation

●     Two new card abilities “Covert” and “Develop” have been added

●     New game mechanics and triggers like “on reveal” for specific cards

●     Read more about the release and its thrilling new mechanics here: Covert Operations is live

Card balance Changes

●     13 existing cards have been updated and their balance adjusted.

●     This balance change is additional to the new cards from Covert Operations and ensures top-notch experience in KARDS with a well-counted, fresh and diverse card pool.

●     Read more about these latest card balance changes here: Covert Operations Card Balance Changes


Reserve Pool Cards

●     Alongside the Covert Operations expansion and card balance changes, we also have 24 cards return to active duty from the reserve pool while 96 cards are retired into the reserve pool.

●     The Reserve pool of cards supports a balanced and dynamic experience for all our players over a long period of time. With the reserve pool we avoid issues such as power creep and inaccessibility for newer players, which can develop into significant problems without a card rotation.

●     Read more about the Reserve Pool Cards here: Covert Operations Reserve Pool Changes


In Addition to Covert Operations’ new cards, new features and improvements, we also have a sizable amount of bug fixes.


Known Issues

  • (none)


  • The wrong side drew the cards when STEALTH MISSION’s affected unit was under control by the enemy. Fixed.

  • SEABEES’s ability triggered when enemy units were repaired. Fixed.

  • The operation cost buff from BLITZKRIEG was not removed correctly if the affected unit was moved out of the frontline. Fixed.

  • M4 SHERMAN PL’s ability did not trigger correctly when it was spawned. Fixed.

  • When a salvaged unit was destroyed and RESCUE MISSION triggered, non-salvage copies were added. Fixed.

  • When a salvaged unit was returned by RAPID ENGAGEMENT, a non-salvage copy was added. Fixed.

  • ME BF 109 G’s ability also triggered when a unit was destroyed by non-combat damage. Fixed.

  • When a unit was salvaged, its deployment cost was not affected by RAID correctly. Fixed.

  • When a unit with Smokescreen was added to the frontline directly and got buffs from P1Y1 MODEL 11, its stats were not visually correct.

  • 122ND KORSUN’s ability did not work correctly when PANZER III-H was deployed. Fixed.

  • SISSIOSASTO 5.D did not get the buff when a unit was deployed and triggered EVASIVE ACTION. Fixed.

  • When a destruction event was added to a unit that was already suppressed, it only triggered once even though DUTY IS A MOUNTAIN was in play. Fixed.

  • ASW PATROL’s extra ability worked as long as DEVIL'S BRIGADE was in the deck, even though the USA was not the ally. Fixed.

  • T-34-85 1944 appeared in battle history sometimes even when it was in hand. Fixed.

  • CODE OF BUSHIDO and CLAIM THE SKIES were not working. Fixed.


  • When the kredit slot was increased to more than 24, it might be shown as 25 visually even though it was maximized as 24. Fixed.

  • The attack value was not green for a salvage unit when it was buffed. Fixed

  • When WOLFPACK discarded the unit that was returned, the board was not arranged correctly. Fixed.

  • 4th KUBAN COSSACKS has the wrong header on the board with its alternative art. Fixed.

  • When VICTORY MARCH was played, the HQ did not have the texts for the increased defense, like other cards that can increase defense for the HQ. Fixed.

  • Entries in the history are not sorted correctly after reconnection. Fixed.


  • After a free card was claimed in the shop, the Crate might be visually reset to the base when it was claimable. Fixed.

  • The Convert To Gold Card button was disabled incorrectly sometimes. Fixed.

  • The + button did not work correctly sometimes after the volume slide was dragged. Fixed.

  • The alternative switch button did not work in the draft menu. Fixed.

  • The pop up card was displayed a bit incorrectly sometimes for the top card in the deck builder. Fixed.

  • The effect volume setting did not affect the sound effect of some board items. Fixed.

  • After a card was converted to gold, the quantity icon might not be updated correctly. Fixed.

  • When the last gold copy of a card was recycled, the card detail widget was stuck. Fixed.

  • Recruit mission Annihilation had the wrong image. Fixed.

  • The PLAY button did not fit in some UI scales. Fixed.

  • The previous national icon was shown in the deck builder sometimes. Fixed.

  • Clear Filters did not reset Show All. Fixed.

  • The alternative art button did not work in the shop menu. Fixed.

  • The NEW mark might have different brightness in the collection. Fixed.

  • Emotes might appear on the wrong side in some rare cases. Fixed.