KARDS Living Roadmap ⚔ Update

12 months ago

Dear KARDS players, friends, and WWII enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to bring you an updated KARDS roadmap!

What is the Roadmap?

The roadmap is a regularly updated, high-level overview of the milestones and important events for KARDS. The roadmap contains only the highest level of features.

The roadmap does not display regular game updates and improvements, seasonal in-game events, the esports calendar with monthly opportunities, and general KARDS refinements. Also not listed on the roadmap are balance changes, even though they are a key part of our ongoing work on KARDS.

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting things we can look forward to in KARDS in the coming months!

KARDS Living Roadmap

March: New User Interface Live

The new user interface went live in March. The new user interface is an important part of developing the mobile version of the game, providing a consistent experience regardless of which device you’re playing on. It’s also an opportunity for us to improve many elements in the user interface that we always wanted to improve, and which player feedback throughout the years has suggested could use improvement. You can read more about the new user interface in our dev blog: The New User Interface is Here.

April: New Card Set Structure and Content Cycle

In April, the first phase of the new content cycle will go live! In this first phase, we streamline existing content, with all cards becoming part of the Core set of cards aside from the most recent expansion, Legions. Five very infrequently used cards move into the Reserve pool at the same time, primarily to test this new pipeline and verify that all is working as intended before the first full cycle hits with the new expansion this summer. World at War bundles and Theaters of War are removed from the Shop, with a revamped Theaters of War returning at a later date. Check out more details about the upcoming content cycle and the plans surrounding this in Lead Game Designer Keli’s dev blog: The Cycle of KARDS.

May: Shop Update

The Shop will receive a big update in May! We’re going to be reworking some elements of how offers are presented and which offers are available at any given time. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Summer: KARDS Mobile Release

The release of KARDS mobile is just around the corner! After two beta tests and tons of hard work developing the mobile version of the game, KARDS mobile will become available this summer on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Get ready to enjoy KARDS from anywhere with your mobile device!

Summer: Summer Expansion

A new major expansion is coming to KARDS this summer! Similar in size to the Legions and Breakthrough expansions, you can expect somewhere around 80 new cards and potentially some new mechanics with this summer expansion. Get ready to enjoy a load of new content in KARDS this summer!

Winter: Winter Expansion

The summer expansion isn’t the only big new content release this year - a second large expansion will be dropping this winter! Get ready to enjoy even more new content in KARDS towards the end of the year!

Winter: World Championship

The KARDS 2023 World Championship will be held again this year, with the qualification period starting in the latter half of the year and the Grand Finals planned for the first weekend in December. Keep an eye out for more news and updates regarding this in the upcoming months!

This roadmap provides a broad overview of what we have planned for KARDS. We will also bring you many smaller features, improvements and events throughout this period.

The whole team is incredibly excited for what’s ahead and we would love to hear your feedback! Join us on the KARDS Discord and let us know what you think!