Announcing KARDS Special Operations: Pauper!

10 months ago

Get ready for the KARDS Special Operations tournament!


Special Operations is an alternative format tournament experience. This second Special Operations tournament takes place over the course of one weekend, with qualifiers on Saturday and the finals broadcast on the KARDS Twitch channel the following Sunday.


For the second Special Operations tournament, we’re bringing back the pauper format - now with a set up that allows a larger number of players to participate! The pauper format means that decks can only contain Standard and Limited rarity cards. Check out our video where KARDS World Champion Jking7 explains the pauper format and gives his take on a pauper deck.

For this Special Operations tournament, we’ll start off with a Swiss qualifier on Saturday, May 27th. The top 8 players on the first day move on to a single elimination bracket played the following day, May 28th.

For all questions about participating in Special Operations and all things related to KARDS tournaments, please join the KARDS Esports Discord:

This will be the last Special Operations tournament scheduled for the year, as we shift our focus to the Officer Club Championship tournaments and community tournament support - you can read more about changes to Esports in the latter half of the year here. Make sure to grab this chance to enjoy some pauper fun!

Format & Schedule


  • Each participant must submit 1 pauper deck

  • Play a best of 1 series

  • Swiss Bracket with 212 player maximum (8 Swiss rounds)

  • Top 8 Single Elimination Bracket


  • Deck submission deadline: May 27th @ 12:00 UTC

  • Swiss qualifier: May 27th @ 13:00 UTC

  • Top 8 broadcast finals: May 28th @ 13:00 UTC


  • 1st: 500 Diamonds & 2000 Gold

  • 2nd: 300 Diamonds & 2000 Gold

  • 3rd - 4th: 200 Diamonds & 2000 Gold

  • 5th - 8th: 1000 Gold

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