Card Updates: Power Control

11 months ago

Greetings, everyone!

After a rejuvenating summer break, we're back in full stride, brimming with motivation to march ahead! It's been nearly two months since the launch of Brothers In Arms. Throughout this time, we've diligently analyzed the performance metrics of all the new cards. Now, it's time to make some subtle adjustments to cards that have raised concerns.


Throughout historical conflicts, the Ki-45 served as both a daytime and nighttime interceptor, as well as a formidable strike aircraft. In KARDS, the KI-45 DRAGON SLAYER has gained remarkable popularity due to its exceptional attributes. Virtually every deck with Japan as the main or allied nation includes a copy of this card. Its defense value of 5 has proven a bit too resilient to counteract. We've lowered the defense value to 4 so that the opponent has more possible solutions, while its attack strength remains at 6, a formidable and impossible-to-ignore threat.


Old: Give your HQ +5 defense. Give +10 and draw a card instead if your HQ has 10 or less defense.

New: Draw a card if your HQ has 10 or less defense. Give your HQ +6 defense. 

During World War II, the defensive strategies employed by the Japanese on the Pacific islands were not lacking. However, the effectiveness of ISLAND DEFENSE in KARDS appears to be somewhat excessive. Among the new cards in Brothers In Arms, this specific card stands out as a remarkably effective card against aggro decks. In most scenarios, the value of this card can be fully harnessed. Increasing the HQ's defense by +10 is usually sufficient to survive another turn, or perhaps more. For control decks, the extra card draw could be invaluable. Playing multiple copies of ISLAND DEFENSE in a turn or two essentially seals the fate of numerous games. While the new version essentially upholds the same function, increasing HQ defense and seeking the right card, it now provides a fixed defense of 6.


Old: Deal 1 damage. Your units get +1+0. The enemy discards a card. Draw a card.

New: Deal 1 damage. Your units get +1+0. The enemy discards a card.

Case Yellow or The Manstein Plan, the strategic blueprint of the German armed forces during the 1940 Battle of France was a resounding success. In KARDS, this card showed modest efficacy in the beginning. Yet, as the game's meta underwent transformation after the expansion, CASE YELLOW gradually emerged as a standout key card in discard decks. In keeping with its historical roots, this card is still capable of multiple tasks. Nevertheless, considering both the historical context and the present KARDS meta, it seems more appropriate to omit the card draw.

That is it. As mentioned in our dev blogs some time ago, the ongoing priority in balance adjustments centers on rectifying cards that are excessively powerful or pose issues, as opposed to implementing extensive changes. Expansions will bring forth fresh content.

We hope that you are enjoying Brothers In Arms. Our preparations for the winter expansion have already commenced.

These changes are expected to go live on 24 August, 2023.

Thank you, and until we meet again on the battlefield, commanders!