January Update - Patch Notes

2 months ago

Hello everyone!!!

Earlier this month, we released information about upcoming balance changes in our latest dev blog. These changes have now been deployed in the January patch. We also include some bug fixes with this patch.

Read on for all the intel on what is included in this patch.

Card Balance Changes

A total of 8 cards have been updated in this patch.


Old: Veteran. When this unit becomes Veteran gain 3 additional kredits.

New: Veteran. When this unit becomes Veteran gain 2 additional kredits.


Old: Deployment: Remove the top 6 cards of your deck. Gets +1 attack for each with even cost.

New: Deployment: Remove 6 cards from your deck. -1 operation cost for each with even cost.

H39 sWG



Old: Add a LIGHT INFANTRY to your hand, support line and frontline, if possible.

New: Add two LIGHT INFANTRY units to the battlefield, one in the frontline if possible.



Old: Heavy Armor 1. Costs 3 less to deploy if you control a unit with 3 or more operation cost.

New: Blitz, Heavy Armor 1. Costs 3 less to deploy if you control a unit with 3 or more operation cost.


Old: Blitz, Heavy Armor 1. Deployment: Suppress all enemy units.

New: Heavy Armor 1. Deployment: Suppress all enemy units.



Old: Salvage. Deployment: Destroy target enemy unit with cost 2 or less.

New: Smokescreen, Salvage. Deployment: Destroy target enemy unit with cost 2 or less.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed several AI bugs.


  • When HOME DEFENSE was in the opponent’s hand, and the opponent’s HQ had 10 or less defense, the game would get stuck when playing the A6M2-21 ZERO. Fixed.

  • Fixed multiple broken interactions with SNOWSTORM resulting in incorrect operation cost in certain circumstances. 

  • When an exile unit was suppressed and retreated to hand, after playing the same exile unit from hand, the exile keyword was not correctly acknowledged by other units, such as when a unit providing an exile-related buff was played. Fixed.

  • When COLD TRAP was active and triggered, if the support line was full, SISSI was not added to the frontline. Fixed.

  • If a P-38 LIGHTNING was on the board when a HALIFAX B Mk I was played, the damage dealt by the HALIFAX B Mk I on deployment was not correctly buffed by the P-38 LIGHTNING. Fixed.

  • When BREAKTHROUGH was played on the 50. INFANTRY REGIMENT (Veteran), the Ambush ability was not correctly removed. Fixed.

  • When an artillery unit pincered to KING’S OWN SCOTTISH attacked an opponent’s unit, an attack animation was incorrectly displayed on KING’S OWN SCOTTISH. Fixed.

  • Fixed issue causing the ranked battle win streak to be reset when a game was lost in casual or classic battle modes.

  • When OUT OF THE MIST was played on a unit with 1 defense that had the “immune to damage” effect on it (e.g. through LIGHTNING CONQUEST), the game would get stuck. Fixed.

  • A golden NO SURRENDER did not spawn golden LIGHT INFANTRY units. Fixed.

  • Fixed broken interactions between guarded units and cards that grant guard ability (e.g. STRONG BOND), as well as cards that remove guard ability (e.g. BREAKTHROUGH).


  • In starter campaigns, sometimes the opponent’s name was missing. Fixed.

  • In the first starter campaign, sometimes pop-ups did not correctly disappear. Fixed.

  • In some Theaters of War campaigns, on mobile devices, in specific circumstances, cards in the mulligan could become invisible when put into hand. Fixed.

User Interface

  • In UI scale 0.8, the history text on the TUNIS HQ, SUPPLY CHAIN and JAGDPANTHER jittered in the Russian language. Fixed.

  • Fixed several issues with text in the Collection interface not showing up correctly in certain circumstances, or not fitting correctly into the intended fields.

  • Fixed issues with completed starter campaign text not correctly fitting into intended fields.

  • Sometimes, a salvaged Veteran card would show the incorrect national symbol on the image displayed when the card was hovered over in battle or the Collection interface. Fixed.


  • If all gold copies of a Reserved card were recycled, the crate progress could appear to reset until the game was relaunched. Fixed.

That’s all for now. We thank all of our players and the KARDS Community in general for reporting bugs and discussing the game balance. If you want to get involved, join us on Discord!